Dead in Bermuda guide

Dead in BermudaDead in Bermuda is said to be a simple game but when you play it, there’s a lot more to the game. In this game, you have to survive a plane crash with the other 8 players. You are stuck on an island that you know nothing about. Your task in this game is to assign different tasks to different players depending upon their strengths. You have to learn all the things about your fellow characters and the island. So, here is a full guide for dead in Bermuda. We are here to help you survive in dead in Bermuda with simple tips and tricks.

Basic mechanics.

When you start the game, you will be guided to set up the campfire and your rest area. This tutorial will end on your day 2 and you have all the basic amenities like a plane, a workshop, a library, a campfire, a rest area, a water tank. Other than the plane, you will have all the other things till the end of the game. Your choices in the game will decide the survival of your group. There are 5 basic states that your characters will have, if anyone of these reaches a hundred percent, that character may die.  The following states are:

  • Hunger
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Injury 
  • Disease.

You have to keep in mind that none of your characters reaches the maximum of the states. Water is available in the tank. The character can consume water per night. You have to keep a check on the water level. It should not fall to negative; you can keep it up by eating fruits. 

General tips for survival.

Here are some of the general tips you need to follow to keep surviving in the dead in Bermuda. You must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Try not to spend the most time with the plane. In your earlier days, a plane is the only way you can get your food. It is assumed that the quality of food decreases as you wait for more. There is no point in hunting for the food in the plane and find almost nonedible stuff.
  • Always manage your food resources. It is the most basic thing you need to keep in mind. You have to always optimize your food resources and distribute them among your fellow characters. 
  • Always keep a check on the fatigue meter of your fellow character. Make sure that your fellow characters are not much tired. The higher your player’s fatigue will be, the higher will be the time you can recover from it.
  • As soon as you get an item, use it. If you obtain an item that can level up your skills you must use it. We will recommend you not to keep it the items for later.
  • You should stop eating raw food once you can start cooking. You can hunt for the food in the morning and cook it in the evening. Your fellow characters might get sick if they eat raw food, cooking the food can reduce the chances of getting them sick.
  • Don’t let characters kill each other. It is obvious that if the level of the love meter decreases or hate meter increases, the hatred among the characters can increase which can lead them to kill each other.
  • Keep your focus on researching and crafting. You must find a suitable player to research and craft. You will have to find the players based on their skills.

How to allocate stats.

All the players start in a pretty good way. All are friendly and helpful in the starting so it can be easier to manage them. For players with a good level of intelligence, you can allocate them new skills to learn but for players with a lower level of intelligence, you might not want to allocate those new skills but level up their existing skills. We are mentioning the stats you should keep in your mind.


The first in the list is intelligence. We recommend you add this skill to your players at the very beginning levels. You can gain stat points for each level depending on your intelligence.


This can be one of the most neglected and yet important stats. You must consider leveling up this stat. This is very useful for characters that are moving towards depression. Discussing with your fellow partners can reduce the depression level of your fellow partner. By this, you can even know better about them that will help you to gain knowledge about their backstories.


We consider it important as it allows you to set some rules for every player. You can assign those tasks according to the needs and their strength. If there is a proper partition of work among the players, it will give the players more time to rest and recover from fatigue. It will keep their fatigue levels low.


The last stat we are talking about is stealth. Sometimes you have to give your players stealth and let them take advantage of those skills. You need to get stealth if you do not want to get injured while performing the outside activities.

Dead in Bermuda review.Dead in Bermuda guide

People might have this thing in mind that it is a resource management game. You will have a married couple, a doctor, a Russian family, a resort guide, and a cynical survivalist man as your fellow citizen. You have to explore the island as well as the secrets of your fellow characters. There can be many mysteries that you might have to solve. The more complications arise when you have to distribute the food among all the players. You have to keep a check on the food, water, and other things and distribute them accordingly. Overall, it is a very interesting game that is worth your time to put in.  Go through these top 20 ghost shells in destiny 2 to make proper use of these shells in the game.

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