Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 update with bug fixes – Details listed

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 update and the patch download link have finally gone live and it’s huge than the expectations it had around for months. The download file size certainly differs based upon the device that you are about to make use of to access the gameplay. For PC users, it weighs around 45 GB, 32.37 GB for PlayStation 4 users and 44 GB for Xbox One users. A bug has been recently reported by Xbox One users that they are requested to download file size of about 84 GB, which Activision is at the moment investigating to get rid of it at the earliest.

Activision in its recent official statement has said that the Series 4 update shall an additional of 4 GB when installed on consoles. Today, we are about to present every other detail related to released patch notes, with possible ways to access features like Weapon Mastery, Warzone events, and much more. 

Playlist and Warzone Rumble related updates:

Warzone Rumble, a new gaming mode in Warzone incorporates two teams of fifty players battling in and out through parachutes in Verdansk and its surrounding areas. This new Modern Warfare gaming mode feature has high intensity filled actions with vehicles, custom load-outs, and quick respawns.

The playlist does add upon Warzone Rumble towards the Battle Royale. Below-mentioned is the complete playlist update that has been released for COD Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4.

Modern Warfare:

  • Blueprint gunfight
  • Trench Mosh Pit 2X2
  • Barakett Promenade added to the Ground War
  • Scrapyard 24/7


  • Trios
  • Quads
  • Solos
  • Duos
  • Warzone Rumble
  • Blood Money

In-match Warzone events:

warzone in game event

The Warzone Season 4 indulges with a new feature named as ‘in-match events’. These events do take place without prior notice, and it can be witnessed anywhere during the gameplay. Only one among the Warzone event is said to occur during a match.

In total, there are three different event types that you can witness in the starting part of Season 4. You must read through the description of every other in-match Warzone event to get familiarized with the possibilities before jumping off into the battlefield.


Once the ‘Jailbreak’ occurs, every other player who has been recently eliminated in COD MW shall be released back to participate in the on-going match. If you are eagerly waiting to get hold of 1v1 within the Gulag or got relegated with a spectator then you will be provided with one more chance. Also, you will be able to witness a one-minute long notice before the Jailbreak event gets to find additional armor or store weapons for all your returning teammates.

The Jailbreak events can happen at any time during the gameplay, and you can even pass through them while indulging in a Battle Royale match, which is why you must always spectate around. Make sure to be mindful whenever Jailbreak occurs, as you are about to get back all your lost teammates with additional enemies marching towards your way.

Fire Sale:

The ‘Fire Sale’ is yet another interesting in-game event that has temporary discounts to purchase items at the Buy Station. You can make use of it to grab an 80% discount or even browse and purchase items that are listed for free. The Fire Sale event is the perfect time to get hold of Armor Box, UAV for your squad, or a deadly kill streak. Whilst browsing through the Fire Sale event, you can get attain the fallen teammates for free. 

If you have gone short with Cash in a match the Fire Sale shall be your savior for the day. You can easily redeploy any of your squadmates and let them stay active in the COD Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay. As the Fire Sales event lasts for only sixty seconds, overcrowd can be expected at the Buy Stations.

Supply Chopper:

The Supply Choppers event is known for bringing non-lethal, yet, heavily armored helicopter to the Verdansk. If you are running low on health levels then you need to fire a few bullets on the helicopter that is known for hosting tons of health in the first place. You might even have to use a rocket to bring down the helicopter in the first glance itself. Although the helicopter is not equipped to shoot back, you still need to ensure the enemies are distracted and do not have a focus on you or your teammates. Once the Supply Chopper has been destroyed, it shall drop loot, which you need to pick up to boost your health levels.

The loot includes two armor boxes, three UAV’s, munitions boxes, grenade launches, gas masks, and the much-needed Cash. The Supply Choppers shall appear only for a short period, which is why you must immediately distract the enemies, and bring down the helicopter to grab all these loots in one place. While collecting loots, the enemies might take advantage of your actions. Watch out for them, and wisely handle their movements without letting them shoot over you, or steal the loot rewards.

Contraband Contract System:

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Update has a new contract named Contraband that entails a long-lasting Blueprint Rewards. The Contraband Contracts can be used to re-spawn after the previous contract has said to be completed. If you tend to witness the Contraband briefcase then you need to rush and collect them as quickly as possible. After obtaining the briefcase, you need to take it towards the Helicopter Extraction location that has been designated for its arrival. 

The player who is said to be carrying the collected briefcase should deposit it within the helicopter’s drop-bag to surpass the mission. If you have found a player holding onto the briefcase then you can certainly steal it from them to complete the on-going contract on behalf of all your teammates. Watch out for enemies walking with suitcases towards the helicopter in the provided Tac Map.

COD Weapon Mastery:

Once you have successfully unlocked the Gold for weapons, the Mastery Challenges shall get added to your Call of Duty account. Every other weapon includes eight different Challenges, hosting a unique set of rewards that includes 4 Emblems and 4 Player cards for free grabs. 

All you need to do is to march through the 2 Headshot Challenges, 2 Kill Challenges, and other 4 additional Challenges in the right order as mentioned below.

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Damascus
  • Obsidian

After complete the required challenges as mentioned for obtaining the 51 weapons, you are all set to unlock a special badass Player card and Sticker.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Roadmap:

Modern Warfare 4 Roadmap

Infinity Ward has recently released the roadmap content that includes tons of new features and maps. The operators shall portray a new look to the Season 4 with all the goodies that you can collect from the Season 4 Roadmap.

Modern Warfare Season 4 and Warzone patch notes:

Infinity Ward has also shared the complete Modern Warfare and Warzone patch notes that include Warzone definite patch notes, general fixes, and other Special Ops fixes. Keep reading to know more about the release patch notes.

General Fixes:

  • Possible fixes to help COD MW players from encountering the Error Code 13-71. If you are still said to be experiencing this particular error code even after installing the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare Update then you must reach out to the Activision Customer Support who can help you out at ease
  • Fixes released for players who were not able to receive Season 3 emblem
  • An issue where players were not able to activate the Nuke even after attaining the much-needed number of kills have been fixed
  • Fix has been released for an annoying bug wherein the Ghost Perk option has not been hiding the players from Heartbeat Sensor while the enemies have been viewing them through the Killcam
  • The long wait times which players had to experience while entering into the Ground War matches have been fixed
  • There have been multiple issues reported related to the 4th Operator Mission not able to track as per its abilities. This bug has been finally fixed with the recently released Modern Warfare update
  • Exploit fixes over multiple maps has been taken care of this recently released update
  • Hardpoints used to appear in grey, yet, due to a bug, it started to show off in yellow. This indication bug has been fixed
  • Fix has been released for the ‘Get 20 kill after getting crouched’ not been tracking properly in the Officer Challenge
  • The bug that let white health regen trigger in terms of downing the fellow players has been fixed
  • New weapon perks have been added to the Specialist Bonus, which can be earned after successfully making 8 kills while the specialist is said to be in an active state. The Frangible- Wounding, Frangible- Disabling, Recon, Mo’Money, FMJ, Heavy Hitter, and Presence of Mind is the bonus that you can easily acquire
  • Multiple players reported holding onto duplicate UAV’s in COD MW, which has been finally fixed in this update
  • Fixes released for players who were not able to move around even before the countdown timer ends
  • The latest update fixes a bug that let players stop performing executions from elevated surfaces
  • Grip tape named ‘For the Cause’ has not been appearing properly in the first released version, which has been finally fixed with this latest update
  • Multiple stability-related fixes have been made for PC gamers
  • Common bug issues with voice chat have been fixed.


  • A bug that restricted ammo from reloading for the player with Sleight of Hand and HDR has been fixed
  • Lowered down the ammo count for the warning on the belt-fed LMG.


  • Updated blueprints with new weapons can be accessed in one place. You can now get hold of CR-56, Fennec, Renetti, and much more
  • Once the Contraband Mission has been completed and while requests for an extract helicopter, the players can shoot over the helicopter without receiving any kind of hit markers
  • A bug made Recon Contract to spawn inside out without letting the Modern Warfare players access it in the first place. This has been certainly fixed and now players can make use of them at ease
  • Fixed an annoying bug that let players drop off their weapon in Gulag
  • An exploit has let players duplicate the Self Revive Kits. This has been fixed.

Special Operations:

  • A quick fix for a bug has been released where the 3rd player in the gameplay used to stay stuck for no reason at all
  • An issue that never let the players unlock the base skin has been fixed
  • Daily Challenges shall now get displayed along with the Warzone and Multiplayer challenges
  • A bug that stopped the game from ending correctly if at all the last player was found to be alive and used the Team Revive option before dying has been fixed.

Special Operations Survival:

  • Fix for certain instances of waves not said to be ending properly has been included
  • Fix for not able to duplicate Juggernaut Suit has been released
  • Fixed the exploit that let players hide from the soldiers by standing behind a bar on the St. Petrograd.

These are all the recently released patch notes of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 that you need to know before getting back to the gameplay.

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