Best Borderlands 3 Save Editor Guide – New Items (2022-23)

Borderlands 3 Save Editor : When the first version of Borderlands was released, it hit the gaming world hard. The game was a blessing for the gamers who were looking for infinite shooting and action.

Borderlands was released as a straightforward shooting game with a mechanism of endless carve for loot. This game became the ‘prototype’ for a new type of shooting game that had loot in it.

It’s been almost a decade since then, and now we have Borderlands 3 in the market. And with this new version, we all are still craving for more and can’t get enough of it. Trust us, you must surely try this game once.

No one can deny the fact that this is the best Borderlands till now. It has it all, from much more loot to larger worlds, more characters, amazing over-the-top delivery among other advancements compared to previous versions.

With the big size of the game, you also face infinite troubles and bugs. So, to make sure you don’t lose any game progress and have access to all the in-game features, we present an article for you where you will learn how you can use the Borderlands 3 save editor?

  • Very Large game with a size of 75 GBs
  • Extreme Graphic
  • Bugs are likely
  • The game window might crash
  • Save progress with Borderlands save editor 
Borderland 3 save editor profile

The Borderlands 3 is literally quite huge in terms of size, the game’s file itself is as big as 75Gbs. So, you will most surely encounter a lot of bugs and some of them are potentially game-breaking ones.

Now can you imagine all of your progress of building a character and farming all the loot gone in an instant due to one such bug? To be honest, it is possible, and if the game crashes all your progress just disappears. And trust me it is the worst nightmare for any player. Losing the game progress to land on where you started it all is like digging a well for no water.

Can you Manually Save the Progress of Borderlands 3?

To be true there is no official way in which you can do it. However, you can go to the ‘saved game’ directory of the game files and copy them at a secure location. This will endure that if your game corrupts you are not going to lose the progress of the game and the character that you built.    

What is Borderlands 3 Save Editor – An Overview

Borderlands is a huge game and hence a player does everything for saving the game progress at every instance. But the game does not allow you to save the game progress at every instance and if by chance the game crashes your progress just disappers.

The only way to save your in-game progress is to go to the main menu and quitting the game. This will allow you to save the last checkpoint that you reached. However, as mentioned earlier the game really is huge and it takes blood and sweat to reach milestones. So, the save editors came into existence.

One can call them a third-party program that helps you to save and create a backup of game progress. Save Editors for Borderlands 3 was developed to help the players re-do or rebuild the hero that they lost due to an in-game bug or crash, without having to play the lost hours.

Borderland 3 save editor steps

Save editors also help you to eliminate and get through bugs that are persistent and don’t allow you to proceed further in the game story.

  • Save Editors for Borderlands 3 is a program that can access the saved games files.
  • It allows you to save game progress.
  • Allows you to regain the lost hours.
  • You can rebuild your character without having to play the part that you lost due to a bug or a game window crash scenario.
  • Private servers allow you to use the save editors.
  • No need to worry about a ban from developers if you are playing on LAN.
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Types of Borderlands Save Editors

There can be a number of save editors in the market that are provided by different websites allowing the gamers to use their servers. However, there are two prominent ones that work nicely with the Borderlands 3 save game and that we know of. 

  1. Borderlands 3 Save Editor or BL3 Editor 
  2. Borderlands 3 Savegame Editor

There were a lot of queries regarding Borderlands 3 gibbed save editor. As of now, and according to the information available a save editor for Borderlands 3 by Gibbed is still in development and can hit the market anytime soon.

Things You Can Do Using the Borderlands 3 Save Editors

Different developers create each saves editor for Borderlands 3 hosted on different servers. You can download a ‘.exe’ file from there.

Since the developers are different, thus the features are likely to be different. However, all of them (the ones that are released) do have some common features.

Most of the Released Borderlands 3 Save Editors Can:

  • Help you modify the Guardian rank data.
  • Unlocks almost all of the in-game cosmetics.
  • Allows you to manipulated the available currency.
  • Let you change the SDU levels.
  • Permits you to make a change to the Name, class, and character levels.
  • Allows you to edit the items.
  • Helps you in creating new items from the scratch.
  • You also get to customize almost all parts of all the in-game items.
  • With Save editor, you can import items from the list of Borderlands 3 item code.
  • Allow you to filter the legitimate items found during the game progress.

How do Borderlands 3 Save Editor Work?

Okay! We know that this question must be lingering in your mind since the beginning of the article. So, not going too much into the technical side, I will simply tell you how a save editor works.

How do Borderlands 3 Save Editor Work?

A save editor is programmed to access the saved game directory of the game files. Similarly, the Borderlands 3 save editor accesses the files of the Saved game.

Since it can access the saved game files, it will allow you to use the feature that the particular save editor has, to let you change this according to your will at the particular checkpoint of the game.

Borderlands 3 Save Editor PS4, Xbox, and Other Consoles

The question must be, “Do save editors for Borderlands on console exist?”

The straightforward answer is “NO.” There are no save editors or programs that will allow you to manipulate the game progress, character, and loot on the console. So, if you are playing Borderlands on console make sure you make backup regularly.

Borderlands 3 Save Editor PS4, Xbox, and other Consoles

There is no way in which you can increase the loot, or rebuild your character, or modify items for Borderlands 3 on the console. If you see someone providing a file for that it can be dangerous and harm your console. At Least there are no working save editors for Borderlands 3 on console that we know of yet.

Where is The Borderlands 3 Saved File Location?

As mentioned earlier, that save editor for Borderlands 3 works only on PC. We will tell you things related to PC only. You might be keen to know where your game progress is saved?

In order to locate the saved games directory of Borderlands 3 on your computer (Windows / Mac) follow the below-mentioned path

Path for gamers using Windows OS => “C:Users<Username>Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/SavedSaveGames<UUID>”

Path for gamers using Mac OS => “~/Library/Application Support/ GearboxSoftware/ OakGame/ Saved”

Now that you know that path, all you have to do is navigate accordingly to access your Borderlands 3 saved game files.

Types of Borderlands 3 Saved Game Files 

There are basically 2 types of saved games files that the software of the game Borderlands 3 produces. They are:

  • Profile.sav
  • {random numbers}.sav

These two types of saved game files have identical extensions. However, there is a basic difference between both types. One represents the profile of the game that you have saved, while the other one represents the character data related to the game.

Types of Borderlands 3 Saved Game Files 

The profile version stores data that is shared game-wide and is used by all your characters.  While the other one stores data specific to a particular character.

Now, since you are planning to use the save editor on Borderlands 3 files. You must know how to identify between the profile and the character version of them. So, the tips below are the ones that will help you.

For Game Profile: 

  • The saved game file(s) would be named as “profile.sav”
  • Allows you to make changes to the game profile that can be access game wide by all the characters

For Characters:

  • Look for the file name like “(Random number).sav”
  • They are saved games files of a specific character
  • Making changes in them will make changes in the characters’ attributes

So, by paying attention to the file name you can identify the saved game file types of Borderlands 3. This allows you to make changes as required or as suited to you.

Things You Can Change in the Files Types Using The Save Editor for Borderlands 3

Since the Borderlands software produces two types of saved game files that are stored locally, you can access both using the Save Editor software. You can also save it using the mechanical keyboard used by every gamer for this purpose.

Things you can change in the files types using the Save Editor for Borderlands 3

Now, once you have access to the save editors you can make some remarkable changes to help you process further in the game. 

Changes you can make using the save editor in each of the file types:

  • Change the guardian rank status 
  • Modify the bank of the game
  • Unlock and allow access to all customization
  • Change/ Alter the bank space & lost SDU loot too
  • Make other profile wide changes

In the character save file types {“(random numbers).sav”}:

  • Modify and change the characters’ whole inventory
  • Manage the character levels (Increase or decrease)
  • Alter/ modify the Weapon SDUs
  • Change customizations of the characters
  • Change the class of all your characters’

How to Use the Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

Actually, there is nothing much to tell you about. Using the Save Editor for Borderlands 3 to apply modification and change in-game data is no science that you need to learn.

Borderland 3 save editor characters

It is a very easy process. All you have to do is use a few clicks and there you are ready to modify things in Borderlands and play the game without worries.

Here is all that you need to do:

1: Open your browser and navigate to the BL3 Editor website. (The website is quite blank and all you will see is white space with a few words.)

2: At the center of the web page you will find a Box. You will have to choose a file to upload here. AS discussed, you have 2 options. So you can either upload a profile version or a character version from the Borderlands 3 saved files.

3: Once you have uploaded the file, wait for the website to analyze it and show its magic.

4: If you selected the character version of the saved game file, then post loading the website will show you  a page having your saved file information along with 3 different tabs

5: The three different tabs are General, Character, and Inventory. In the general tab, you can see the information related to the saved game file. This will include the Slot number and GUID number.

6: Navigate to the character tab to access and change the information related to the appearance and traits of the character. You can modify many things including access to all weapon slots, Ammos, SDUs, among other things.

7: When you access the inventory tab, you get access to all equipped items that are present in your in-game inventory and your backpack. 

Other than this, if you upload the profile version of the saved game files, you will visit to a page that gives you access to everything that you need to modify in your profile. Here you can change the rank and modify the available tokens in your profile. You can also add and delete items to your profile here.

Also, make sure to export the file from the Save editor to your computer. Here we will tell you how to use the modified saved game file.

How to Use the Modified Saved Game Files?

Now that you have modified the saved game files in the Save editors and exported them to your PC’s hard drive, it is important that you know how to use them. If you did all the required editings in the profile and character saved files and you are unable to use them, then you simply wasted your time.

How to Use the Modified Saved Game Files?

Steps to use the modified saved games files exported from the save editor:

1: Once you are done with the modification of the saved game files, you will need to export/download the modified file. And you will find a big blue button prompting you to do that

2: Locate the big blue button on the top right with “Download Edited File” mentioned over it

3: Before you click that button, you need to make sure that the saved game files that you have edited are the same as the current version of the game as they will be exported to the current version of the BL3 that you have. 

4: Now that you have matched the version and have made sure that everything is ok, you can go ahead and click on the download button and your files will be downloaded on your PC.

5: Locate the downloaded file(s)

6: If the file is a character file, You will find it named as “(random numbers same as the uploaded file)_edited.sav”

7: If it is a profile file, you will find it named as “profile_edited.sav”

8: Delete the “_edited” from the file name from the saved game file type that you have modified.

9: Copy the renamed file(s) to the saved games folders of the Borderlands 3 Directory.

10: When you paste the renamed files in the directory you will get prompts to overwrite them. You can do it if you want to replace the original ones with the modified ones. 

*Always create a backup of the original ones.

11: Now, Open the Borderlands 3 application to see the magic of the save editor.

Time to Conclude

There are a lot of doubts among the Borderlands 3 games related to the use of Save Editors. It would be wise for you to understand that save editors are third-party stuff and now a core Borderlands 3 feature. So, if you are using the modified files on the official servers, it might land you up in trouble and maybe get your account banned too. 

With accessibility comes responsibility. Since the save editors are all community-made, they are more or less illegitimate. And as a responsible gamer, you must make sure that you use the modified files only on the LAN server and not on the official servers.

With high hopes of having helped you we bid you a farewell. We would love to hear your views about the same. Also, feel free to ask any relevant questions in the comments sections below.

Adios Amigos! (Goodbye Friends) Check our other articles on our Website to stay updated about the gaming world.

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