Wow Classic Warrior Leveling Guide – Quick Steps (1-60 Level)

Playing World of Warcraft can be difficult and very time consuming if you don’t know how to level up your game. And it is obvious that players might lose interest in the game if it takes a lot of time to level up. To maintain your interest and help you level up, we are providing you with a Wow Classic warrior leveling guide in a simple way.

Our guide covers the basic steps for warrior leveling, wow classic leveling zones, leveling methods, and much more information you need to reach level 60 in wow classic. The following segments will be present in this guide:

Wow Classic Warrior Leveling Guide – Quick Steps

Here, we have presented a warrior leveling guide classic in simple words and easier to understand. Now, level up easily and enhance your pro gaming experience. Let’s begin.

The General Approach to Level Up Faster

Here are some of the general steps you must follow for leveling up in Wow classic. These steps are a mandatory part of the Warrior leveling guide as these make it easier for the warrior to survive in the game.

Before going in-depth about this wow classic leveling guide, these steps are important and useful for every player.

  • Look for the quests on the internet if you don’t get it. But it is important to find it out yourself.
  • Make sure you have enough of First aids and food supplies and all-important items. If you won’t have enough food supplies and medical aids, it will be difficult for you to restore your health.
  • Play in zones you are already familiar with. This will make it easier for you to look for quests in that zone and it will be easier for you to defeat your enemies in your familiar zone.
  • Groups are something recommended to play in. you should have plenty of people to group with and play with. More the people, more it will be easier for you to defeat your enemies. Solo leveling can be difficult because in groups your health is damaged less but in solo, your health is affected more making it more difficult for you to restore your health.
  • One of the most difficult things a user faces while wow classic is how to earn gold. Many users do not budget the gold that they earn. It is very important to decide where and how you want to spend the money you have earned.
  • Make sure you follow these steps before going for the technical terms in this game. Providing you with the in-depth warrior leveling guide classic below.

Wow Classic Leveling Zones

First things first, you need to know the best wow classic zones by level and it is better to know everything about the zone you are going to play in. We are mentioning all the zones you need to quest for leveling up your game.


warrior leveling guide classic

Horde is one of the most known and played zones in wow classic. Horde also consists of three zones: the barren, the silverpine forest, and Stonetalon Mountains. Out of the three, the most played zone is the barrens. It is the only zone with a large number of quests and mob players.

These quests and mob kill help you level up faster but competition is much more in this zone. The other two are also a part of horde where silverpine forest is in the Eastern part of the horde and the Stonetalon Mountains are just adjacent to the horde.


It is the second most used zones in wow classic. It also consists of three more zones: Dark shore, loch Modan, and Westfall. Darkshore is most among the other due to the availability of a large number of quests.


The other two zones are also considered to be good just because of the availability of a good amount of quest but dark shore is most prominent among the others. It’s best to play in groups if you are going for alliance.

Different Leveling Methods

The most used methods in leveling up are questing and dungeons. Though we believe dungeons can be a better and more efficient way to level up your game questing can also be a good method to achieve your goals.

Different Leveling Methods

All of these methods come with their advantages and disadvantages. One of the major drawbacks of questing is that if you play in groups, all you find in quests are divided among every member of the group, therefore you might not get plenty of things for yourself.

Questing can be time-consuming to level up your game if you are playing in groups but the scenario is different if you are playing solo. All the loot is yours.

Dungeons are the other leveling method. It is considered to be efficient only if you find a group of people easily. It might be difficult for you to find people with the same schedule as yours.

You might have to find 1-2 members for your group daily which can be exhausting for you to perform daily. Secondly, dungeons can be efficient if you make a group with players of the same level and same playing capabilities.


As we have discussed above, questing can be an easier way to level up your game. You might want to play in Solo if you want to level up using this method.

warrior leveling guide classic

The second thing you might want to keep in mind if you opt for this method is that not all places have enough of the quests available.

The quests are available according to the level you are playing on. It is advised to know where you can find a quest before going for that particular zone.

We here are providing you with some of the zones you can go for questing according to your level:

  • Durator(level 1-10)
  • The Barrens (level 10-25)
  • StoneTalon Mountains (level 15-30)
  • Descolance (level 30- 42)
  • Duskwoods(level 18-30)
  • Searing George (level 45-50)
  • Deadwind Pass (level 55-60)
  • Blasted lands(level 45-60)

These are some of the zones we recommend going for according to your level. These are the zones you must go questing for.


Dungeons in wow classics refer to the point that you might have to plow the dungeons with your group. If you have a group which is efficient and according to your capabilities you will able to do it in less time and more efficient way.

It is important to find players who think and plays like you. Secondly, you need to find players who have the same schedule as yours so you don’t have to look for a new player to add in your group daily. If you have to find a player daily it might affect the time and effort you put in to level up your game.

Wow Classic Warrior Leveling Guide

The two meta cleaves dungeons use are melee cleave and spell cleave. And melee cleave is made of only one class i.e warriors. The warrior class is used to give high damage.

Mostly, there are 4 warriors in the group of 5 people but 1or 2 can be replaced by any other class of the players. These classes can be used to perform other activities and level up your game using groups.

The other meta dungeons used in wow classic is spell cleave. As the name suggests, it has members who know the spells to slow down the enemies and give damage to them. The majority of people in these types of groups are people who know spells.

To Sum Up

We hope this Wow Classic Warrior Leveling Guide will help you to know more about the game as well as make you level up your game. We have tried our best to present this warrior leveling guide classic in simple words and easier to understand. Also, we are sure if you follow this guide you will be able to level up in much lesser time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Approximately how much time will it take to level up your game?

According to us, it all depends on your playing techniques and the time you can play the game for. We believe if you follow all the steps in this classic leveling guide, you will level sooner and much easier.

Q2. Is there anyone who reached level 60 in wow classic?

The first person to reach level 60 in wow classic was Jokerd. He is the first person in the west to reach this level.

Q3. What is the server population of wow classic?

According to the data, around 357k players play wow classic. Though this is the total population on the server, in actual this population is divided among different servers of the game.

Q4. Is Wow class for free?

Yes, you can play wow classic for free. But it is free upto level 20. If you want to know more about the game and play on a trial basis you can go for a free version. It might not allow you to build many characters but will certainly help you to gain interest in the game.

Q5. Which is the best-suited class for wow classic?

The most suited classes for wow classic are warriors, mage, priest, rogue, druid, hunter.

Q6. Do people still play wow classic?

It’s a big yes to this question. Even though its 2020 people still play wow classic. It is said there are still 10m people playing this game.

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