Wow Classic Dungeon Maps – Level Up To 13-60 (Guide)

Dungeons are one of the important features of the world of warcraft. Till the time, it has been launched, dungeons have been a promising feature. For those who don’t know what dungeons or Wow classic dungeon maps, they are the places where a group of people can stay.

To say, in the world of warcraft a group of five people will like to stay at a dungeon. It usually starts from level 10 and can be found throughout the game until you level 60. In this article, we have covered all the maps that you are needed to know at the time of playing this game. 

Wow Classic Dungeon Maps By Level

Before going further in this article and tell you about the maps, we are required to tell you all the dungeons you come across according to your level in the game. We are providing you with a list of all the classic WOW dungeon maps instances.

Classic DungeonsLevels
1.Ragefire ChasmLevel 13-level 18
2.Wailing CavernsLevel 15-level 25
3.The DeadminesLevel 18-level 23
4.Shadowfang keepLevel 22-level 30
5.The StockadeLevel 22- level 30
6.Blackfathom deepsLevel 24-level 32
7.GnomereganLevel 29-level 38
8.Razorfen kraulLevel 30-level 40
9.Scarlet MonasteryLevel 26-level 45
10.Razorfen DownsLevel 40-level 50
11.UlDamanLevel 42-level 52
12.Zul’farakLevel 44-level 54
13.Maraudon Level 46-level 55
14.The temple of Atal’hakkarLevel  50-level 60
15.Blackrock depthsLevel 52-level 60
16.Blackrock spireLevel 55-level 60
17.scholomanceLevel 58-level 60
18.StratholmeLevel 58-level 60
19.Dire MaulLevel 58-level 60

Wow Classic Dungeon Maps

Here’s a list of all the wow classic dungeon maps along with dungeon maps wow classic addon and their images.

1. Ragefire Chasm

  • Minimum level required: level 10
  • Level that is advised: level 13
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Taragaman the hungerer, Jergosh the invoker, oggleflint, bazzalan

Wow Classic Dungeon Maps

 2. Wailing Caverns

  • Minimum level required: level 10
  • Level that is advised: level 15 
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across : Lady anacondra; Lord Cobrahn; Deviate Faerie Dragon; Lord serpentis; Kresh; Verdan the Everliving; Lord pythas; Mutanus the Devourer; Skum.

Wow Classic Dungeon Maps

3. The Deadmines

  • Minimum level required: level 10
  • Level that is advised: level 18
  • Camp: Alliance

Come across : Rhahk’Zor; Miner Johnson: Mr. smite; Cookie; Sneed ; Captain Greenskin; Gilnid; Edwin Vancleef

Wow Classic Dungeon Maps

4. Shadowfang Keep 

  • Minimum level required: level 14
  • Level that is advised: level 23
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Razorclaw the Butcher; Deathsworn Caption; Baron Silverlaine; Fenrus the Devourer; Commander Springvale; Wolf master Nandos; Odo the Blindwatcher; Archmage Arugal

Wow Classic Dungeon Maps

5. The Stockade

  • Minimum level required: level 15
  • Level that is advised: level 22
  • Camp:  Alliance

Come across: Brugeal Ironknuckle; Hamhock; Dextren Ward; Trgorr the Dread; Bazil thredd; Kam deepfurry.

6. Blackfathom Deeps

  • Minimum level required: level 15
  • Level that is advised: level 24
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Ghamoo-ra; Baron Auanis; Lady Sarevess; Lorgus jett; old serra’kis ; Twilight Lord Kleris; Gelihast; Aku’mai

7. Gnomeregan

  • Minimum level required: level 19
  • Level that is advised: level 29
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: For this classic wow dungeon maps addon you have to come across: Viscous fallout; crowd Pummeler 9-60; Grubbis; dark Iron Ambassador; Electrocutioner 6000; Mekgineer  thermaplugg.

8. Razorfen Kraul

  • Minimum level required: level 25
  • Level that is advised: level 30
  • Camp: Alliance

Come across: Roogug; Death speaker jargba; Overlord Ramtusk; Earthcaller Halmgar; ageem thorncurse; agathelos the Raging; Blind Hunter; Charlga Razorflank.

9. Scarlet Monastery

  • Minimum level required: level 21
  • Level that is advised: level 26
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Interrogator Vishas; Azshir the sleepless; Fallen Champion; Herod; High Inquisitor Fairbanks; Ironspine; Bloodmage Thalnos; Scarlet Commander Mograin; High Inquisitor Whitemane; Houndmaster Loksey; Arcanist Doan.

10. Razorfen Downs

  • Minimum level required: level 35
  • Level that is advised: level 40
  • Camp: Alliance

Come across: Tuten’kash; Glutton; Plaguemaw the rotting; Ragglesnout; Mordresh Fire Eye; Amnennar the Coldbringer

11. Uldaman

  • Minimum level required: level 30
  • Level that is advised: level 35
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Revelosh; The Lost Dwarves; Ancient Stone Keeper; Ironaya; Galgann Firehammer; Grimlok; Obsidian Sentinel; Archaedas.

12. Zul’farak

  • Minimum level required: level 39
  • Level that is advised: level 44
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: sandarr Dunereaver; Zreillis; Theka The Martyr; Dustwraith; Antu’sul; sergeant Bly’s; Chief Ukorz Sandscalp; Ruuzlu; Sandfurry Executioner; Hydromancer; Nekrum Gutchewer; Witch doctor Zum’rah;  Gahz’rilla; Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz.

13. Maraudon

  • Minimum level required: level 30
  • Level that is advised: level 46
  • Camp: Alliance

Come across: Tinkerer Gizlock; Lord Vyletongue; Meshlok the harvester; Celebras the Cursed; Noxxion; Razorlash; Landslide; Rotgrip; Princess Theradras.

14. The Temple of Atal’hakkan

  • Minimum level required: level 45
  • Level that is advised: level 50
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Atal’alarion; Zul’lor; Gasher; Loro; Zolo; Jammal’an the prophet; ogom the wretched; weaver; Dreamscythe; Avatar of hakkar; Mijan; hazzas; Morphaz; Shade of Eranikus; hukku.

15. Blackrock Depths

  • Minimum level required: level 48
  • Level that is advised: level 52
  • Camp: Horde 
Blackrock depths

Come across: High Interrogator Gerstahn; Golem Lord Argelmach; Hurley Blackbreath; Phalanx; Houndmaster Grebmar; Lord Roccor; Ring of Law; Plugger spazzring; The vault; Ribbly screwspigot; Lord Incendius; Ambassador Flameflash; Warder stilgiss; Panzor the invincible; the seven; magmus; Verek; Watchman Doomgrip.

16. Blackrock Spire

  • Minimum level required: level 48
  • Level that is advised: level 55
  • Camp: Alliance

Come across: Overlord Wyrmthalak; Mother smolderweb; Bannok Grimaxe; War Master Voone; Ghok Bashguud; Gizrul The slavener; Shadow hunter Vosh’gajin; Halycon; Spirestone lord Magus; Highlord Omokk; Urok Doomhowl; Crystal Fang; Burning Felguard.

17. Scholomance

  • Minimum level required: level 48
  • Level that is advised: level 58
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Blood steward of kirtonos; doctor Theolen Krastinov; Lorekeeper Polkelt; Instructor Malicia; Lady Illucia Barov; Death Knight Darkreaver; Jandice Barov; Rattlegore; kirtonos the herald; Marduk blackpool; Vectus; Ras Frostwhisper; The Revenian; Darkmaster gandling.

18. Stratholme

  • Minimum level required: level 48
  • Level that is advised: level 58
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Ramstein the Gorger; Baron Rivendare; Grand Crusader; Cannon Master Willey; Malor the Zealous; Archivist Galford; Postmaster Malown; Maleki the pallid; Baroness anastari; The unforgiven; Timmy the cruel; Baroness Anastari.

19. Dire Maul 

  • Minimum level required: level 48
  • Level that is advised: level 55
  • Camp: Horde 

Come across: Pusillin ; Zevrin Thornhoof; Hydrospawn; Lethtendris; Alzzin the wildshaper; Lord Hel’nurath; Tsu’zee; Illyanna Ravenoak; Magister Kalendris; Immol’thar; Captain Kromcrus; Cho’Rush the observer; Guard slip’kik; Guard Fengus; Stomper kreeg; King Gordok; Price Tortheldrin.

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To Sum Up

It is difficult for a player to play a game if he doesn’t know the routes. It is difficult for anybody to learn all the routes. Therefore, we have provided you with all the wow classic dungeon maps.

We hope this article about wow classic dungeon maps addon will help you to look for routes whenever you are stuck in the game. We have tried our best to make this article worth your time and have a good experience while playing.

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