Get Free Items With Pokemon Go Promo Codes [April 2021]

Pokemon Go promo codes are the codes that can be used by the players for getting in-game items. These items can be simple and rare. The makers of Pokemon GO, Niantic makes sure that the players are pampered enough and are entertained enough while catching pokemon that they don’t switch to any other similar game. And to show that they care about their audience, from time to timer they keep on rolling Promo codes for short durations. 

However, looking for a working promo code seems to be a very tough task for players because the promo codes expire soon or you don’t land on the right website to find them. Sometimes these websites can scam you for crucial information. However, you need to be aware of it while visiting such sites and clicking random links. We will tell you all that you need to know about the pokemon go promo code in this article. So, make sure you have your eyes set on this article till its end.

  • Promo Codes earn you valuable items
  • Promo Codes are available every season
  • No specific calendar for the launch of  promo codes 

Do Pokemon Go promo codes Work?

The answer is Yes!. The promo codes for Pokemon go do work. But the point is when will a code work for you is uncertain. Maybe, it will work for your friend and it won’t for you. This all depends on luck as far as one can say.

If you are a pokemon go player, you must be aware of the multitude of promo codes that have come into circulation in the Pokemon Go game, but “How many of them successfully worked?” is still a question for many. However, if even one of these codes worked for you the reward is too fulfilling, You might end up getting stuff ranging from helpful battle items, gameplay items to expensive costumes for your in-game avatar.

free pokemon go promocodes 2021

  • They Do work! But you never know which one is working
  • You get worthy and unique items if they worked
  • There are chances that a code that is working now won’t work the next moment
  • Many websites promise working codes but are helpless 
  • Pokemon Go working promo codes are uncertain to work

When Do you get new promo codes?

At the onset of the spring season, Niantic certainly had something to offer to its players. With pokemon days, on which certain pokemon have a much frequent appearance chance, they have also launched a promo code that can get you a good costume for your avatar.

Make sure that you get your hands fast on it before it expires. As you never know when a code will work and when it won’t. It is possible that a code that was released by Niantic in January won’t work in march and work back again sometime later maybe. So it is quite unpredictable when it comes to the Pokemon Go promo code.

How to redeem the Pokemon Go Promo Codes? | Can you do it outside the game?

Pokemon go promocode in application

Redeeming the Pokemon Go promo code is no Rocket science and it is a very simple and easy process. Also, it depends on the platform that you are trying to redeem the Pokemon Go promo code. So, maybe a promo code is made only for android users and it won’t work on others.

So, there are basically only two ways in which you can redeem promo codes of Pokemon Go.

  • Through the app on your phone
  • Niantic’s website (Offer redemption Page)

If you are a privileged iPhone user, in this case, you lose that privilege of yours as you can only redeem the offer through the Offer redemption page on Niantic’s Website. This is the outcome of apple’s app policy that demands a huge 30 percent commission of whatever is being purchased on its platform.

So, if you own an iPhone or an android, you can redeem the promo codes for pokemon go as per the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Niantic’s offer redemption page
  • Provide your Pokemon Go login credentials
  • You can also use the social media credential of Facebook and Google to log in 
  • Locate the box asking for promo code, fetch the promo code there
  • Select the redeem option and enjoy

However, if you are an android user then you can do it through the Pokemon Go android Application. Here is the process of redeeming the free Pokemon Go Promo Codes on the Android App

  • Go to the app drawer and open the pokemon go app
  • Now press the Pokeball option, this will pop up a screen allowing access to different windows (This is called the main menu in Map view)
  • Tap on the shop button to open a page with material that you can buy
  • Scroll Down to the bottom of the page
  • Here you will find a “PROMOS” section with a text box
  • Type your promo code in here and press the redeem option
  •  Enjoy!
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reedem free pokemon go promo code ingame

Working Pokemon Go Promo Codes

As of now, there is only one Pokemon Go Promo code that might work, and that is the one given below. This Promo code is from the special event.

GXSD5CJ556NHG The North Face x Gucci Collection

niantic offer redemption page for free pokeemon go promo code

How to earn Free Pokemon Go pokecoins daily | Alternative of Free Pokemon go coupon code

As you must be well aware of the fact that Niantic has a cap on how many coins a pokemon can bring in one day. And that is limited to 50 pokecoins in one day no matter how many gyms you are defending. Also, you have to be in the vicinity of a pokemon gym to place your pokemon to defend it. So it is not possible to walk to say 5 gyms and leave your pokemon to bring you a max coin each day. However, there are some applications available online that allow you to move your character around the world.

We do not endorse the authenticity of such applications as they are the third party and they provide you APK files for direct download through the internet in place of a secure google play store. 

One such third-party service provider for pokemon go that allows you to go around the world on the game’s map is “pgsharp”. 

Some points to keep in mind if you’re okay using this application

  • You will get Softban if you do not follow the app rules mentioned on their website
  • Regularly breaking Softban can lead  to a permanent ban
  • You can teleport to any part of the world to catch pokemon
  • Also, you can place your pokemon around the globe easily to earn 50 coins Daily

So, if you use this pgsharp application actively you can earn a good number of coins in a month. The application is free to use only for a month and they will charge you a small sum for using the pro version that has many useful and additional features. 

free 2021 active pokemon go promo codes

Security-related points that you need to keep in mind while using this application downloaded from pgsharp

  • We do not endorse the authenticity of this app
  • The pgsharp has done some changes in the actual application of Pokemon go that allows you to have global access from home
  • As this application is directly downloaded from the internet, the Google Play store cannot promise its security, and it’s on you to decide 
  • We do not recommend using any morphed applications on your phone


All in all, the chances of being able to redeem a pokemon go promo code are quite less. Promo Codes for pokemon go are available on very different occasions that you must keep hunting for.

Also, if you are registered to the newsletter of pokemon go there are chances that you can get a promo code only for you, so keep a tab on your Gmail too. We hope that the promo code worked for you or we were able to tell you an alternative to the pokemon goes promo codes 2021. Enjoy traveling the world and catching pokemon.

In case you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write them in the comments box. Thanks for reading, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us to stay updated. 

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