How To Get Free Robux?

Finding free Robux on the internet is like searching for a needle in a pile of sand. There are numerous websites, blogs, webpages, videos, and whatnot. All promising the same thing, that is Free Robux. However, none of them is actually authentic and would help you in making even 1 Robux. Before writing this article we filtered through a huge number of portals that were promising free Robux and found out none of them actually did. Additionally, there are some chances that you will land up finding an authentic Robux generator that would give you free Robux in exchange for your credentials. They can however be dangerous at times too.

In this article today we will tell you all the authentic ways to generate Free Robux. These methods of generating free Robux have been tried and tested. We will clear out all the confusion related to the generation of free Robux and tell you the truth behind all these fake free Robux generators on the internet. But before we go any further let’s understand all about Robux and how it works.

Free Robux

What is Robux? | Free Robux

So, for those who are unaware of what actually Robux is and landed after searching free gaming currency or a similar keyword. You don’t have to worry, we have got you covered. Since you used that keyword to search, you might have got a little idea about it by now.

Robux is the Virtual Currency of Roblox, a highly popular online gaming platform. Roblox allows its users to create their own games for free. IT also lets the users play the games developed by other users. 

Do the websites promising free Robux actually work?

To be pretty straightforward and blunt about it, the answer is a big “NO!” 

You need to be very clear about this that No website can give you free Robux. However, we will tell you later in this article how you can generate free Robux from authentic sources.

Regarding the free Robux from random website question, Roblox has been very upfront. They have already informed and made their users wary of such squamous and fraudulent websites. Roblox has always suggested to its users to enter the credential related to their platform on their website and Mobile application. We also advise you to not enter any critical information related to Roblox on any website other than this one here, or their authentic mobile application.

Why are we suggesting you do that?

All these websites that promise free Robux might look very authentic and safe due to the presence of the Roblox logo, similar user interface, and content among many other things. But they are nothing other than a fake website made to steal your information and then bombard you with numerous marketing stuff including ads surveys calls emails and whatnot. 

So, according to our survey, we found that it is totally unsafe to fetch your Roblox credential on such platforms. This can result in loss of Roblox account, credit/debit card information linked to the Roblox account, or even worse. 

And for this reason, only Roblox asks its users to use its Report Abuse System for reporting these sites so that they can be taken down by authorities for the better good of all. However, We are not going to lead you to any random website that is not authentic or is not opened by Roblox.

But, if you have the desire to earn free Robux you will have to put in some hard work. And the 1st one of those hard work in reading this article till the end in detail and we assure you that you will have the free Robux that you deserve.

What is the outcome of visiting such websites?

Many of you might be thinking that we are suggesting you stay away from other websites because of the competition. But, on the contrary to that though, we are suggesting this for your cybersecurity and safety. Searching for “Free Robux” is not wrong but it might land you up in something messy that can result in monetary loss. Since we have carefully tried using numerous such websites and ended up getting nothing and losing a Roblox account. However, it was an account created solely for the purpose of testing such websites so nothing was damaged on our end. But you never know how the tides can turn against you. 

Roblox even launched a game to make its audience aware of these fraudulent websites. The game is named “Beat the Scammers”, and helps you in spotting inaccurate information so that you can use the reporting system of Roblox to report such websites.

How to report these fraudulent and scamming websites to Roblox?

The Roblox gaming, Web, or app all the platforms give you the option to report any of the suspicious links that you think might be dangerous for you.  All you need to do is to share the link with them and the moderators will take the necessary action against these websites and safeguard your account to protect your data.

How to get Robux for free in an authentic way?

There is nothing in this world that you get for free without putting in some effort, even for winning a lottery you need to put in the effort to buy the lottery ticket. Similarly, all those promising you free Robux are just scamming you for your crucial information. 

Generally to get Robux, players or users have to pay dollar bills on the Roblox website. However earlier there were some chances that you might be lucky enough to find a website that would actually give you a game pass or promo codes, but they are history now and the only way you can get Robux is from the original website of Roblox.

If you think that your marketing skills are good or you are skilled at designing and you can try your hand at designing games, then your path to earning Robux is quite clear and easy but will cost you hard work and time. There are plenty of similar ways to earn free Robux. Let’s have a look at how that can be done.

As mentioned earlier in the article, getting free Robux is not impossible or very difficult. If we tell you that it will take some hard work, it does not mean that such works are really very hard. They can be done in a smart manner too.

Best ways to get free Robux | Free Robux codesFree Robux Hacks

Let’s get on to the ways in which you can earn Robux for free without being scammed or fooled. Here are the best ways in which you can get free Robux originally and free Robux in an authentic manner.

Method 1 | Join the Roblox Affiliate Program | Free Robux Online

Did you know about anything like that? So, this is certainly one of the best things about the Roblox platform. This platform offers its users an outstanding affiliate program that helps people in earning a decent amount of money and Robux. So you can use this affiliate program to get free Robux for yourself. Free Robux Generator - Roblox Affiliate program

How does it work?

So, in order to earn free Robux using the affiliate program of the Roblox website, you will have to follow these steps first.

Step 1: Make an account on Roblox if you don’t have one 

Step 2: Link your Email and Phone Number to the account from the settings menu

Step 3: Verify the Email and Phone Number

Step 4: Under the Account Information tab in the settings menu, make sure to link all your social media handles. Make sure to change the visibility according to your preference. (We highly recommend not to select “No One” under this option, else this method might not work)

Step 5: Check other settings options and make the required changes according to your preferences. Make sure to save information under each tab.

Now, according to a blog article that is available on the Roblox platform, the easiest and the most accessible way to earn Robux is through the Roblox Affiliate program. All you have to do is Share Roblox links among your peers to pursue them to make a purchase and you get incentives as some percentage of their purchase in the form of Robux.

The Roblox links can be to the games, catalogs, library items that are featured on its original and authentic website. The simplest way to share these links are mentioned below in simple steps

  1. Open the Roblox website and log in using your user ID and Password
  2. Navigate to the Game, catalog, library item page that you want to promote
  3. Look for the social media icon or the share icon
  4. Click on them to open individual Share-windows of the social media platforms.
    You will find this link attached to the share-window of the social media platform along with a thumbnail.
  5. Go ahead and share the link

(Note: If you don’t have social media accounts already linked to the Roblox account, you will be prompted to link it. If you don’t have a social media account on that platform you might need to create one.)

According to the information on the Roblox website, if a new user registers to the Roblox website using this link, then you will be entitled to a 5 percent cut in form of Robux of all the purchases he makes. So, if that user buys a 1000 Robux, he will get his 1000 Robux and you will get 50 Robux. 

Also, the validity of this affiliate payout is for a lifetime, so the longer they stay on the Robux website and the more they purchase, the more you will make.

The best part of this whole program is that Roblox gives you access to track the success of your promotions. In order to do this, you will have to navigate to the Promotion Tab of your Money Page. This page will show you a track record of how many people visited Roblox’s website using your link. Additionally it will also show many many people signed up using your link.

So, you can make a good amount of Robux using this method. You are nicely rewarded for every signup and purchase that happens using your link. You can share numerous in-game items to increase your Robux earnings a lot.

However, to make you aware that you will need the shareable affiliate link attached to your account to earn the benefits. You will not get any benefits if you simply copy the Website or webpage URL and start sharing it on different social media handles. You will have to sign up for the affiliate program of Roblox and then choose from the website that you want to promote.

Method 2 | Design Your own game for Roblox | Earn Robux free 

Roblox is this popular for a reason. It is certainly a great platform for both gamers and developers. And to be a game developer on Roblox you don’t need to have that in-depth tech knowledge of codes and programs and whatnot. You can simply install their engine and start designing a game. They have a wide array of tools to help you design whatever you want to in a very easy and simple manner.Free Robux Generators

According to our research, developing a game on the Roblox platform is the most rewarding and the best way to earn free authentic and real Robux. You can make a number of games pertaining to your creativity with just basic skill sets. You can learn about these skill sets online through video tutorials or reading blogs available on the Roblox website itself.

Once you have made a game, all you need to do is to promote it, and once people find it good and more audiences start pouring in you will start earning Robux and even some real Dollars directly in your bank account. This sounds interesting, so why not give it a try.

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Method 3 | Using the marketplace to sell Clothing | Earn Free Robux

The fashion industry is evergreen and you don’t need much effort to establish yourself into it if you have a creative brain. The same goes with the Gaming scene, there are gamers who had nothing and now they have every. Have you ever thought about how big the fashion industry, related to gaming, is? It’s pretty big!

You must also have a favorite gaming character, or maybe many favorite gaming characters. Would you not want to purchase merchandise and clothes that feature them?

Obviously, you will be interested. The Roblox platform gives you another simple way of earning free Robux and even real money. All you that you need to do is design clothes based on different gaming character using the variety of customizable tools on the Roblox.How to get free robux

Marketplace. And once you have created it, you can sell them at whatever price you deem fit for it.

Gamers also like to personalize their avatars and added that there is a wide variety of clothing to choose from, the demand is huge. The customers buy clothes including T-shirts, pants, and much more on a regular basis.

So, if your mind is a creative one, put it to use and design clothing that is in High Demand. This will help you in earning a huge amount of free Robux. Also, if you are unsure of how to create avatar clothing, the tutorials on the official website might help you. Happy Designing and Generating Robux and Revenue! 

Can KRNL Roblox Exploit help in getting free Robux?

KRNL is a type of exploit or cheat program that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in Roblox, a popular online game. While there is no way to directly generate free Robux using KRNL, it can be used to indirectly generate them by taking advantage of certain vulnerabilities in the game. For example, with KRNL download, you can create bots that farm virtual currency or to purchase items from the game’s online store and then resell them for a profit.

While KRNL is not required to play Roblox, it can give players who use it a significant advantage over those who do not. As such, it is highly sought after by serious Roblox players. However, KRNL is also relatively difficult to find and download, as it is not available through the official Roblox website. Those who are interested in acquiring KRNL will need to search for it on third-party websites or forums.

Additionally, because KRNL can be used for malicious purposes, many antivirus programs will flag it as malware and block its installation. As a result, those who wish to use KRNL must take care to only download it from trusted sources.

Roblox Premium | Is it worth investing in?

The aforementioned methods will certainly help you in earning free Robux, but one of the best ways to get this currency can be the Robux premium. This is a subscription kind of affair that is offered by Roblox, which allows a user to get access to the marketplace, where they can create and sell things. This enables them to earn more free Robux.

Additionally, the premium version of Roblox helps you to get a 10 percent discount every month on anything and everything that you buy from its marketplace.


Generation of Robux on free websites is nothing but scams that can lead you into trouble. The above-mentioned methods are the only ways in which you can generate free Robux. So beware of scams and generate free Robux through the ways that we have told you.

However, if you think there is more about the Robux generation that we might have missed, then do let us know in the comments section. Also, feel free to give your feedback and post your queries below.

Enjoy Robux wisely!

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