Black Desert Online Mounts – Full Guide To Get It!

Mounts are the way players can travel from one place to another in the game. Black Desert Online Mounts can be bought or can be earned in the game. Horses, camels, elephants, and donkeys are the different kinds of mounts available throughout the game.

All the mounts have their advantages and disadvantages. Different mounts have different places of action and can use accordingly. We are presenting you with a full guide on how you can get the black desert online mounts. We have tried to make it very simple for you to understand various aspects of the mount. The following sections are covered in this article.

Basic Information About The Mounts

Mounts are a source of transport for the players. There are two ways in which you can get the mount. One of the ways is that you can buy the mount. But it is not considered to be an effective way because the minimum amount that you need to buy a mount is fifty thousand gold that is, indeed not a small amount.

This can be a huge amount for people who have just started playing the game. You can visit your nearest stable to ask for the actual amount of the mount or you can ask for the auctions organized by the other players.

The minimum and maximum amount to which you can sell the mounts are already defined by the makers of the game. It means that the amount of the auctions for all the mounts cannot exceed a particular amount.

Black Desert Mount Guide

One of the things that you have to keep in mind is that you own the mount for the entire game but you can only upgrade the capabilities of the mount but not upgrade the tier of the mount. The second thing you can do to get the mount is that you can catch the mount. It can be tricky but it can be an effective way for free.

Throughout the game, there are several places you can look for the mount. Different mounts are respawned after a while. They can be of different tiers. The things that you need to catch the mount are sugar, rope and you should be on the fifth level at the least. You can go and ask for these things from the nearest stable master. It can be one of the difficult to level up till level 5 without any mount, but the rewards you might earn are high and worth the effort.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind about keeping the mount is that you need to keep your mounts away from the monsters. Keep your mounts away from the areas where there are chances that you might encounter a larger number of monsters. This is suggested because there are chances that your mount will die because of them and you can never get them back.

How To Get Donkeys

This mount is obtained as a reward of a quest. It is obtained in a quest named “big fish in a small pond”. This quest is available to you when you are on level 12or 13.


The following steps are to be followed if you need a black donkey.

  • The quest is handed to an Igor. He is usually available in a veila town.
  • You have to talk to the Igor and he will allow you to have a donkey. It depends on you that which donkey you want.
  • You will be given an emblem having a horse on it if you chose a black donkey.
  • The next person you need to encounter is the stable master Lorenzo. He is the only person who will give you a donkey in exchange for that emblem.
  • It is easier to find Lorenzo because he is always near to stables and is cross the Igor.
  • You will have to speak to Lorenzo and provide him with your emblem. The emblem will be present in a stable section in the player’s inventory.
  • After registering your mount, you will be needed to name it. 
  • After all this, your mount will be available in your stable. You will be able to check it in your stable.
  • Your mounts can be upgraded when you start riding it.  

There are three types of donkeys that you need to choose from: black, gray, and brown. You can get all kinds of donkeys with the same steps listed above.

How to Get Camels

The other mounts that we are going to talk about are camels. The cost of the camel as your mount is 5 imperial taming seals. These camels are available only with a stable master in Valencia. Camels like in real life are suitable for walking in the deserts in the game too. You can get yourself a camel if you have reached level 26 or have any tier horse.


Always keep in mind that you will get a higher amount of seals for the higher tier of the horses. Keep your camels going by feeding them dry thorns. 

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How to Get Elephants

The next black desert online mount we are going to talk about is elephants. The price of this mount is a capturing rope. You can obtain these from wild taming. We are providing you with the steps of getting in this black desert mount guide. 

  • You need two things to get elephants. One is a capturing rope and the other thing is peanuts. You must but four or five capturing rope from the stable hand. You can buy peanuts from the guild manager.
Black Desert Online Mounts - elephants
  • The second thing that you need to do is to find a place where you can find elephants. Start looking for an elephant calf before looking for an adult elephant. Try to practice your skills on the calf first.
  • You are required to feed the elephant with the peanuts and then it will follow you.
  • Next step in the black desert miniature elephant mount guide is that you have to register your calf to the stable master. You have taken this calf to the stable master and get it added to your guild warehouse.
  • One thing you must keep in mind while looking for this calf is the mother elephant. If they see you predating them, the mother elephant will attack you.
  • The calf that you captured has to be raised until they become an adult. 
  • There are only 3 people that can travel on the elephant at one time, out of which, one is to get the mount moving and the other two are for fighting.
  • You must never try to remove the elephant from the guild warehouse because it will then be deleted.

How to Get Horses

There are different tiers of horses. You can get different types of horses for different tiers. There are different prices that you might have to pay or have different capabilities to have horses as you mount. These horses are available on the stable. You can obtain them by breeding or by taming in the wild. Let’s learn in detail about it in this black desert online mount guide for you.

The higher tier horse you have, the higher will be their looting capabilities. Here are the following steps you can follow to get horses as your black desert online mount.

Black Desert Online Mounts
  • We will start with the tier1 horses. These horses are simply available on nearby stables. They are in two colors: brown or gray. They are the slowest among others and have speed up to 94 percent.
  • Another thing you can do to capture a horse is to tame them. This can be a good option as the horses that are tamed are more efficient. Their speed is increased by up to 104 percent. Sometimes, it can go up to 109 percent. The horses are tamed at the minimum cost of 75k silver.
  • The last way to get a horse is to get it in rewards. You have to wait for the time till you get it for free in the rewards. The horses are usually available from the next day you start playing. You will get many additional rewards in the quest. These horses have the same specifications as that of you will buy from the stable but the only best thing is that it is free of cost.

 To Sum Up

We have tried to cover all the important parts that you need to know in this black desert mount guide. This simple and full guide will surely help you get understand all about black desert mount stable guide.

Mounts are of immense use throughout the game. It can be difficult for you to survive or travel throughout the game without a black desert online mount. 

We have tried to keep this guide shorter and simpler. We hope this guide will help you in gaining more knowledge about the black desert online mounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you get horses in black desert?

There are two options by which you can get a horse. The first is to tame a horse and the second one is to buy a horse. Till the time you cannot tame a horse, you can buy a horse. You can buy the horse from the horse marketplace. 

  • How do you regain your pet’s stamina?

To increase your pet’s stamina you can feed them carrots. Or the other way to regain their tamina is buy going to the stable and choose the “heal” option. Also, it will regain the stamina of your pet but you have to pay for it.

  • Can other players kill your pet?

Fortunately, no your mounts can not be killed by other players. They might starve and can not function accordingly but they can not be harmed by any other player.

  • Can you get pets for free?

The answer to this question is a big YES. You can get pets for free. but for that, you have to wait for the quest in the game. Additionally, it might be a more time-consuming thing but it is the only cheap way to get the pets.

  • How can I upgrade my pet’s tier?

The only way available to upgrade your pet’s tier is by exchanging them from any other pet or by breeding them. All in all, it is very important the upgrade your pet’s tier because higher the pet’s tier higher will be their looting capacities.

  • How can we buy pet foods?

The food for your pets is available with different stable masters in different cities. The food costs you around 500 silver, each time you buy it. It gives you 6 satiety.

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