Best Warframe AMP in 2021: Guide for the best Warframe AMP combinations, materials required, and how to build them

best warframe amps combination

Warframe has gained huge popularity in recent times among gamers. The impeccable graphics and amazing gameplay make it one of the best games of recent times. Also, the way the developers of the game connect to the community is something that can not go unnoticed. As the game gets popular, words around it increase too. … Read more

Best Borderlands 3 save editor guide in 2021: Step by step explanation on how to use save editor to modify BL3 profile and characters for free

Borderlands 3 save editor

Borderlands 3 save editor: When the first version of Borderlands was released, it hit the gaming world hard. The game was a blessing for the gamers who were looking for infinite shooting and action. Borderlands was released as a straightforward shooting game with a mechanism of endless carve for loot. This game became the ‘prototype’ … Read more

Endgame Gear XM1 Review 2021: Features, Pricing and Performance

endgame gear xm1 review cover image

Over the period of time, the gaming mouse industry has evolved, just like other tech industries. Now, companies talk about performance and aesthetics unlike earlier when it was all about absurd designs and extra weights. The gaming mouse industry works in waves like most other product-based industries. The current wave in this tech product-based industry … Read more