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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 06:29 PM BST

Modern Warfare 2 - Ghost Balaclava Mask

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Balaclavas are masks that cover your entire face except for the eyes. Thanks to Modern Warfare 2's Ghost, everyone wants a Balaclava with a skull on it now. In comes Ballys with Balaclavas like the one Ghost wears.

There are four skull themed masks -- original white, fire, ice and green -- on sale now for £12.99. The masks are perfect for everyone that will be dressing up as Ghost for a con or planning on robbing a bank in the near future.

Ballys is working on more videogame and movie themed masks too. There's a preview image over on the site showing off some planned masks featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Bowser, Scorpion, Darth Maul and The Joker.