How, What and Why of Game Verification in 2024

Every business wants to increase its revenue, so does the gaming industry. Therefore, it is time for this industry to eradicate gaming fraud, and it’s not wrong to say that most people play games to pass their time. In figures, ‘the majority’ of gamers surpassed 3 billion. 

Moreover, a slight increase in online gaming has occurred due to fast internet speed and additional technological advancements, enabling multiplayer gaming in a single lounge. Research suggests that gamers believe playing games will help them find similar individuals with the same interests. 

How Gaming Platforms Are Eligible for Gamer’s Identity Verification? 

It’s not wrong to say that game verification provides an opportunity to experience gratifying and thrilling adventures, but this sector is not without controversies. Few online gaming platforms are toxic for youngsters and kids who are not worth spending time on. Few are criticized for their addictive nature, and maybe kids spend dollars to buy their protocol features. Society demands a safe zone for their kids, which does not make them addicted to bullying and verbal abuse.    

The anti-defamation league provided a report of US players on the topic of toxic behavior, and it has been seen that 60% of users from the 13 to 17 age group experienced harassment in online games. 71% of online adult gamers report abuse, such as stalking and physical threats. Moreover, 41% of African Americans and 42% of women experience harassment due to their gender or race. So, the question arises of how publishers can ensure that their users are treated fairly and respectfully without harassment, cheating and bullying.

The tech industry introduced a safe place by introducing gamer’s identity verification to resolve these issues. 

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What is Gamer’s Identity Verification? 

Gamer verification helps operators quickly understand the player’s identity without compromising compliance, convenience and security. However, the ID verification is helpful as it investigates which player is accurate and as exact as they say. Age verification is essential for betting companies, online casinos and gambling sites. In a few cases, players are asked to provide document copies and pictures to cross-match the identity with the current image. 

Furthermore, contextual data, ID documents and IP addresses are also required to verify whether players sign in from any different device or location. Players can also be asked to prove their identity in case of suspicious activity in the form of any unique code for mobile verification and verified email addresses.  

Real-time and seamless affordability checks can also be executed in the background to ensure that new and current players don’t go beyond their means for the sake of playing. For example, by investigating client affordability indicators by using postcode-level data and the player’s location. It is used to gain a more precise view of single players, and the company can take action to address vulnerability. 

Why Instant Gaming ID Verification For Players Should Be A Priority? 

Gaming ID verification is mandatory for online users to combat online gambling, bullying and harassment so that a sophisticated and decent playing environment can occur. From playing virtual roulette to betting on horses, the online gaming industry is progressing. It’s projected that one billion users are on online gambling apps and sites globally. Moreover, online gamers spent approximately $21.1 Billion last year, so it’s obvious why this industry is attracting imposters and crime gangs. 

Moreover, improving business interruptions and providing a positive experience to the user is another positive aspect taht can prevail. By verifying all users, the gaming platform will know which is an authentic user. It can remove all unnecessary users that create negativity among users and is easier to analyze when a player enters a new bank account and withdraws cash. 

Lengthy procedures must be avoided to provide a better gaming experience. Moreover, gaming frauds operators must balance improving the client experience, securing profits, player loyalty and future growth. Shortly, gaming fraud verification should permit gaming apps and sites to analyze players and their important ID documents instantly. 

Furthermore, players must avoid high-potential risks as the UK Gambling Commission is reviewing a proposal range to strengthen higher expectations on gaming and gambling companies regarding affordability. However, these proposals usually need operators to carry out affordability checks so they can take action sooner while meeting specific thresholds, ensuring all players are playing fairly. 

Final Verdict 

From the gamer’s point of view, creating accounts and signing up are usually perceived as a hassle, but game verification made it smooth. On the other hand, instant gaming ID verification helps to kick out toxic players, creating a hostile environment. By implementing rigid rules and regulations, the gaming industry can earn more revenue and remain ahead of the competition. Hence, the gaming industry can now identify players and analyze if they are instantly authentic users. 

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