5 Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming (2023 Edition)

Top Picks
AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

Processor AMD/3.2GHz/AM3+
Memory DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz
Boost Clock 4.2GHz
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

Processor AMD FX/Desktop
Memory DDR3/1866MHz
Boost Clock 4.2GHz
AMD FX-4350 Black Edition

AMD FX-4350 Black Edition

AMD FX-4350FRHKBOX Quad-Core
Memory DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz
Boost Clock 4.4GHz

AMD is well-known for its top-quality products or the latest hardware for computers. Best AM3+ CPU was listed among the most popular products that meet the requirements of programming. If we are talking about the necessity for this cpu it’s the one that gives your computer the most efficient speeds available. The market is filled with products that meet your requirements but you have to be aware when selecting the processor that is going to be installed on the computer.

The market has more than seven combinations that can be used together with computers in the most efficient method to boost the speed of your computer. This review guide will give your computer some of the fastest speeds that are possible.
AMD is at the top of the list of users of PC things, most gamers are passionate and avid. AM3+ sockets are compatible with the entire AMD FX series. Gamers can use one processor using the AMD socket and they’ll be able to enjoy a fast and smooth gaming system. AMD has produced AM3 as well as AM3+ CPUs.

Users typically prefer the latter as it provides the top-of-the-line performance & speed that one expects in the CPU. There are so many that people are confused when shopping, but do not worry as we’ve listed some of the top models available from well-known manufacturers.

Best AM3+ CPU: Experts Top 5 Choices in 2023

Ranking AM3+ CPU Reviews
1. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition 5 Out of 5
2. FX-8350 AMD Black Edition 5 Out of 5
3. AMD FX-4350 Black Edition 4 Out of 5
4. FX-4300 AMD Black Edition 4 Out of 5
5. AMD FX 8150 Black Edition 4 Out of 5

1. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

1. Product Dimension ‎0.79 x 1.97 x 0.02 inches
2. Total cache L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB
3. Power Wattage 95W
  • Embedded 8 Core CPU
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Needs Proper Debugging
  • Not Reliable for Heavy Loads

If you’re looking for an AMD processor that will give the most efficient overclocking experience, the AMD FX-8300 is among the top you can find. It is able to boost the frequency up to 4.3 of GHz, which can make it ideal to overclock. The makers are very pleased with the product since it is the AM3+ best CPU. The company offered this processor a number of improvements compared to its earlier series. It has 1,483 MOps/sec in single-threaded mode and 70°C maximum operating temperature.

FX-8300 is an eight-core processor that supports 64-bit. It also includes AMD Virtualization (AMD-V(TM)) and Fused Multiply Add. Overclocking offers the best way to increase the CPU’s performance for a seamless computer experience. Because of its fairly good services, this CPU is included in the top AM3+ CPU list. Although the cooler is not present, the FX-8300 is a favorite with those who are part of the FX series. Al last, the presence of the CPU in the world of technology in 2012 has proven beneficial for users.

2. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

1. Product Dimension ‎ ‎5.5 x 5 x 2.8 inches
2. Total Cache L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB
3. Power Wattage 125W
  • Multicore Optimized Software
  • 8-Cores & 5GHz On Desktop
  • Higher Power Consumption
  • Same Maximum TDP

AMD FX-8350 has been built with unparalleled multitasking capabilities and enhanced core performance with the most advanced manufacturing capabilities. The AMD FX 8-core processor, the black version, comes with high overclocking rates for your CPU’s unlocked pleasure. It’s the socket AM3+ with processing speeds of 4.0/4.2GHz.

The higher clock speeds are available with AMD Turbo Core technology. AMD Turbo Core technology’s helps in enhancing the performance. There are particular instructions that allow it to version float smoothly over heavy applications.

A number of features make it an unbeatable choice for consumers, including its AMD well-balanced smart cache that can be that can reach 8MB. Pre-fetch capabilities can increase the size of the data queue coherency to nearly eight cores. The floating-point accelerator with dual floating point 128 bits that are paired along with the larger 256-bit AVX runs each body in its own way. It is an extremely balanced memory that operates at the frequency of 1866 MHz which can be used even at the low voltage between 1.35V as well as 1.2V and the bandwidth of 29.9GB/s for DDR3 to improve performance.

3. AMD FX-4350 Black Edition

AMD FX-4350 Black Edition

1. Product Dimension ‎10.16 x 10.16 x 2.54 cm
2. Total Cache L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB
3. Power Wattage 125W
  • Vishera Processor for Heavy Loads
  • Multi-Threading Performance
  • High Power Consumption
  • Less Core Count

If you’re seeking a fast CPU that has adequate overlocking along with a range of high-end features? If so, the AMD FX-4350 Black Edition is the model you’re looking for in your system. The included features include three levels of cache memory and a quad-core processor that comes with memory controllers and more.

This product delivers top-quality performance but is less harsh on your pocket and is the best value AM3+ processor on the market. The company has introduced HyperTransport technology in the CPU to make connections between gaming peripherals and other communications systems more quickly. It does not support ECC memory, however, it comes with 21 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

FX-4350 came out in 2013 with the Vishera core that has thermal design power of up to 150 W. It has impressive results on PassMark outcomes and has been rated as among the most powerful AMD AM3+ CPUs. For multimedia tasks like editing video or images, FX-4350 is an SSE version that helps to enhance the quality of results. It comes with data Encryption as high as 925.3 Mb/sec and data compression of up to 51.8 MBytes/sec.

These features add secure data encryption from third-party access and reduce how much data you store. We suggest the AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition processor for users who have limited gaming and computing capabilities. This type of CPU is priced within a budget.

4. AMD FX-4300 Black Edition

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition

1. Product Dimension 13.97 x 12.7 x 7.11 cm
2. Total Cache L1-192KB/L2-4MB/L3-4MB
3. Power Wattage 95W
  • 4.2GHz Straight Speeds
  • Architecture Based on Next-Gen
  • High Price Range
  • Inconsistent Performance

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition built with the 4 core processor and the black & unlocked edition. It is a stunning architecture based on the latest generation of processing capability to take it to an entirely new benchmark. The processor was able to achieve 24% higher frame rates for well-known games with astonishing resolutions. The more efficient audio encoder is part of the system to encode soft music. It’s an evolution of the extreme cooling options with 5 GHz speeds, adapted from AMD.

The Quad-core processor is made by a company that uses 3.80Ghz rates and the am3+ best cpu technology, which is a retail pack with a cache size of 4MBm at speeds of 4GHz. It’s based on thousands of performance tests and gives the best results to the customers. Dual-module, as well as the quad-core configuration, make it an ideal chip to be a contender in the market’s top spot with its speed and basic overcooking. This CPU is a standout against a lot of good budget chips since it features an update to the piledriver with time.

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5. AMD FX 8150 Black Edition

AMD FX 8150 Black Edition

1. Product Dimension ‎5.91 x 3.35 x 5.12 inches
2.Total CacheL1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB
3. Power Wattage 125W
  • Heatsink With a Fan
  • Larger Cache Data
  • Struggles Against 2500K
  • Needs Strong BIOS Updates

AMD FX 8150 black Edition is a stunning product that is believed to beat the record of overclocking in the world. It is thought to be the first FX series octa-core from AMD. It is brimming with the latest technology of AMD and is the most efficient AM3+ CPU available among rivals. FX-8150 is mostly known for its multithreading capability which gives users the capability to run multiple applications at the same time without computer hiccups.

The CPU comes with 4 Bulldozer microarchitecture modules and a maximum boost speed that could be higher than 4.3 GHz. AMD has developed the Bulldozer microarchitecture within FX 8150, the very first of its kind. It also includes the Llano processor for top-of-the-line performance and superior results.

The product is built on the manufacturing process of 32nm and has eight cores. The impressive features of this CPU have resulted in it being a part of the top AM3+ CPU in the competitive market. PowerNow! Technology as well as HyperTransport technologies were introduced within the CPU. The first technology is installed within the processor to power-save and to eliminate the degradation of noise and heat levels, whereas the latter technology is designed for rapid data transfer.

The FX-8150 also includes AMD Turbo Core Technology. AMD Turbo Core Technology, which allows the system to run like the wind. However, the absence of a single thread can seriously affect the FX-8150. Despite that, it’s an outstanding CPU, and lastly, we’d recommend it due to the excellent service it provides.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best AM3+ CPU

Selecting the best AM3+ CPU depends on a number of elements. Here we will discuss some important things to note for buying the am3+ best CPU. These tips will help you buy the best pick for your setup.

1. Cores

A processor is composed of many cores, which are basically processors within the processor. Each core is capable of handling several tasks simultaneously. They all work together to offer greater power to speed up processing. 4 cores are enough for gamers, but If your requirements require greater power, you can select units with additional cores.

2. Threads

Threads are the number of operations a processor can handle at one time. It should generally be equal to the CPU cores. However, some CPUs have multithreading capabilities. That means that a single processor can run 2 threads. But it will be easier to multitask and achieve great performance with multiple threads.

3. Cache

CPU’s cache is nothing but memory used to speed up data access from RAM or hard disk. It reduces the time to access the memory. Cache storage is available in 3 different sizes. 

The L1 provides the fastest performance however, it doesn’t provide ample space for data storage. The L2 offers more space however it is slower. The L3 gives the greatest space, but it is slower and therefore is quite sluggish.

4. Clock Speed

Clock speed is just an indicator of how fast the chip can operate. Naturally, the faster is quicker and, obviously, more efficient. CPUs have different clock speed options. They automatically adjust the speed of the clock according to the task and temperature of the unit.

Certain CPUs have an overclocking option that lets you increase the speeds of the processor to run faster. So, before you buy the CPU, make sure to read its specifications thoroughly. 

5. Cooling

CPUs generate a lot of heat during operation. The heat can cause damage to your CPU if not managed. This is why your CPU must have a reliable cooling system to lower the temperature so that it doesn’t cause damage.

The Best CPU for AM3+ comes with an extremely efficient cooling system. But, it’s never bad to be extra vigilant. Hence buying the best AIO cooler to maintain an optimal temperature is a wise decision.

6. Motherboard

Make sure your motherboard is designed to be compatible with your AM3+ CPU. Every motherboard has a CPU socket, but they’re not designed to work with all models of CPU. Therefore, you should be sure that the motherboard is equipped with a socket that works well with your CPU.

Another thing to ensure you have is the motherboard has the correct chipset to accommodate your CPU. If it doesn’t, your motherboard will not be able to support your CPU in any way.

7. Power Source

You should ensure that your power supply is secure and safe. The cable that connects the power supply and motherboard must have a sufficient length. Since most CPUs require a huge amount of power, choose a sufficient power supply.

The Bottom Line

It is important to take note of each aspect when deciding on the most suitable AM3+ processor for a gaming PC or a professional computer. It’s a processor that is compatible & has outstanding performance and the highest efficiency, which means that users will not be interrupted when performing several tasks. Specific in terms of specs, budget, and performance upgrades will not irritate their customers in their manufacturing.

AMD is recognized for its products and pricing because they are always equipped with multi-threading as well as a decent core count. The processors are beautiful in design with a wide range of expressive specifications. The boost core can also cause an issue with the performance of the computer system. All in all, the AM3+ CPU is the way to go for smooth gaming and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are AM3+ Processors Suitable for Gaming?

When you’re building your gaming system parts by parts, Intel processors are the best choice. If multithreaded performance is your most important thing, Ryzen processors are better. The gaming experience takes a little hit, but multithreaded performance is significantly better.

Q2. What Coolers do I need for AM3+ Processors?

Am3+ processors are infamous for their power consumption, mainly due to the fact that they’re built on outdated manufacturing processes. If you’re not planning to overclock your processor then buying the best CPU cooler will be sufficient.

For most processors, the rules are easy. The higher the performance you get from your CPU, the more powerful your cooling solution should be. If you’re an enthusiast or love overclocking Be prepared to invest in a high-quality and best AIO cooler to cool down your components.

Q3. Can Overclocking Increase Performance of the AM3+ Processor?

Technically, yes. Overclocking can result in higher clock speeds which enhances gaming performance. But, the majority of gamers do not overclock their system as the improvement isn’t much high. All AM3+ processors use a lot of energy. So, if gaming is the main reason for your upgrade then buying a processor with a high clock speed is better.

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