Another Eden tier list

Many characters in the game are obtained automatically, some of them can be obtained using the Chronos stones. You can get these stones by completing various quests, log in daily, and grinding characters. It is very important to know which characters you should keep and which you should leave according to the situation. Every character … Read more

A full list of wow cat mounts

Another type of mount that you can acquire in the world of warcraft is Cat mount. Cat mounts are the ground mount and help players to travel from one point to another in the game. Though there are not so many cat mounts available in the game they are considered to be one of the … Read more

Ffxi eden server-play like it’s 2006

You must have played final fantasy 11 if you are a game lover. It was one of the most popular games back in the 2000s. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Final Fantasy 14. To keep up with the current game environment, a lot of changes have been made in the final fantasy 11. … Read more

Dead in Bermuda guide

Dead in Bermuda is said to be a simple game but when you play it, there’s a lot more to the game. In this game, you have to survive a plane crash with the other 8 players. You are stuck on an island that you know nothing about. Your task in this game is to … Read more

Top 20 ghost shells in destiny 2

Ghost shells are the things that you can equip with your ghost to increase some of their traits. Ghost shells in destiny 2 have their different traits. You can choose which ghost shell you want to choose depending upon their traits and their looks. Players can obtain ghost shells in destiny 2 by playing campaigns, … Read more

A full list of Wow bat mounts

As we all know, Mounts are used by players to travel from one place to another in a game. Every game can have different as well as some specific types of mounts, so does wow. One of the mounts that you will come throughout the game is bat mount.  If you want to travel in … Read more

Learn about Wow classic dungeon maps

Dungeons are one of the important features of the world of warcraft. Till the time, it has been launched, dungeons have been a promising feature. For those who don’t know what dungeons are, they are the places where a group of people can stay. To say, in the world of warcraft a group of five … Read more