How to calculate eDPI? eDPI calculator for best games of 2021

eDPI calculator: Sensitivity and response rate are two important factors of a mouse’s function that the gamers are most concerned about. In fact, in the pro-game scenario, the players never compromise with these two things. However, most of us, in general, don’t know much about these things, especially eDPI. I am quite sure you must have seen that term in the settings menu of many games. Today we will tell you what eDPI is? How is it related to DPI and sensitivity? Also, we will tell you how to calculate the eDPI.

Since we all know that every game has its own properties and each of them reacts differently to the hardware and software of our system, we will devise an eDPI calculator for each game differently. You will also get to know the eDPI settings of different pros of the top games. Before we take you to the eDPI calculator part, let’s know all about eDPI.

What is eDPI?

You must be knowing that the DPI of a mouse is a term that tells us about how frequently a mouse is responding to the CPU. DPI is an abbreviation of Dots Per Inch. The value of DPI means that the mouse is reading and reporting a specific number of dots after moving an inch on the table.

Best eDPI calculator

This enables the CPU to understand the positioning of the mouse and move the cursor on the screen accordingly. That is the reason why, if a mouse has a higher DPI it moves much faster on the screen. For example, if a mouse has a 4000 DPI value, it means that it is reporting as many as 4000 dots for every inch it moves and hence the CPU moves the cursor accordingly.

However, DPI defines how sensitive your mouse is, in terms of hardware. DPI is different from sensitivity or ‘sens’. And this is the reason why eDPI is the value to look out for on a mouse. eDPI stands for ‘effective Dots Per Inch’. It is the formula that is used to calculate the effective sensitivity of a player for a game, regardless of his/her hardware or software settings.

eDPI Calculator Explained:

best edpi calculator for top games in 2021

In order for us to understand eDPI in-depth, we will have to understand what DPI and Sensitivity are?


If you have come this far in the article, you must already be quite aware of what a DPI is? So we will not go back to the definition part. All that you need to know that DPI is all about hardware and how your CPU interprets your DPI. Though it can be tweaked through dedicated mouse settings or software in Windows or Mac. The DPI decides how fast your cursor will react to the mouse’s hardware. The DPI value will remain active on all windows, be it desktop, or your game, or any other window.

But, it is important to understand that balance is always necessary. Buying a gaming mouse with a DPI of 32,000 is of no use, because you will never be able to control the cursor movement, nor will it be visible moving on the screen.

DPI used in the pro-gaming scene:

Most professional gamers prefer using DPI in between the value of 400 units to 1600 units. In case if they are sniping the values can go low, but if they are too good at spraying in an FPS game the value can go to 2400 at max. Anything beyond these values is not used in pro-game scenarios or even in normal pub gaming. So there is no point in having DPI above 2400 on your mouse. Also, it has been noted that above 1600 DPI, some sensors introduce smoothing to show a uniform transition of the mouse, so staying at 1600 DPI at max is safest.

On the other hand, if in case you want a more sensitive reaction from your mouse you can up the sensitivity from the in-gamer settings.


Also termed as ‘sens’, it is an in-game  (in-window) software setting that applies to your mouse. This means that your mouse will react only to the increased sensitivity while it is being used in that window of your OS. This means you can change your mouse sensitivity in different games based on your gameplay style.

It must be noted that the sensitivity definitions of each game’s settings are different. Meaning that the sensitivity value of 1 unit in Valorant will not be the same as the sensitivity value of 1 unit in CS GO. 

Looking individually at the DPI or in-game sensitivity is a bad idea. For example, Suppose Player X has a DPI of 800 and in-game sensitivity of 2 and Player Y has a DPI of 400 and in-game sensitivity of 4. These look like pretty different figures individually. But both are similar and the mouse of both players will be equally sensitive in-game.


So in order to understand the true sensitivity of a player in a game. The players use eDPI, which is effective Dots Per Inch. Regardless of what hardware or software is being used, the eDPI gives an idea of the true sensitivity of the player for a particular game.

eDPI = DPI * Sensitivity

To calculate the eDPI the Mouse’s DPI is multiplied by the in-game sensitivity. This gives a value that is more ideal and true to understand the sensitivity rather than comparing the DPI and sensitivity individually.

If we consider the aforementioned case, that is

If, Player X has a DPI of 800 and an in-game sensitivity of 2.

and Player Y has a DPI of 400 and an in-game sensitivity of 4.

then Player X’s eDPI = 1600 (800*2)

and Player Y’s eDPI = 1600 (400*4)

We come to the conclusion that both X and Y have the same true sensitivity (eDPI), although their DPI and in-game sensitivity are quite different.

eDPI calculator Valorant:

After an in-depth analysis and research, we found out that most of the Valorant pro players preferred the eDPI ranging between the 180-400 eDPI units. However, this doesn’t mean at all that your eDPI range should remain in between these values. During our research, we also found out that many pub gamers use a variety of eDPI settings. So we divide this into different brackets.

To calculate the eDPI for Valorant, you have to use the formula below:

Mouse DPI * Valorant In-game sensitivity = eDPI for valorant  

After you have calculated the eDPI now you can check out in which bracket your sensitivity lies and you can follow similar pub or pro players of Valorant.

eDPI bracket for Valorant: 

High Sensitivity Bracket: 0-200 eDPI+

Medium Sensitivity Bracket: 200-400 eDPI+

Low Sensitivity Bracket: 400 and above eDPI+

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eDPI Calculator Fortnite:

The eDPI calculation in Fortnite is quite different. The in-game sensitivity can be changed in percentage and that makes things tough for most of the players. Also, the game has features of changing the horizontal and vertical settings differently.

According to our research and analytics of the pro gaming scene of Fortnite, we would suggest you keep the eDPI between 36 to 68 units. This is just a suggestion and not a norm. So, you can try different settings and use the one that best suits your gameplay.

To calculate the eDPI for Fortnite use the formula below:

Mouse’s DPI * [Fortnite in-game sensitivity (X-axis) / 100] = eDPI for Fortnite

For example,
You are using 800 DPI on the mouse and you have kept the X sensitivity at 8 per cent then your eDPI will be

800 * [ 8/100] = 64 

eDPI for Fortnite

The sensitivity settings in Fortnite are quite complicated. Hence we suggest that you keep both the X and Y sensitivity the same. Some players keep the X and Y sensitivity different. If you are one of them then remember to use the value in X(horizontal sensitivity) for the calculation of eDPI.


Since we have told you everything that you needed to know about eDPI. You must make sure you are not copying just the DPI of your favorite players. Chances are that maybe his in-game sens is much higher than you expected and hence his overall effective sensitivity is different.

So, next time you check for the setting of the pro gaming scene, and you want to know more about the sensitivity of the mouse, look for the eDPI. Also, every game has a different in-game sensitivity parameter.  It would be foolish to simply copy the settings of pro from one game to another.

If you feel like this is something more to eDPI, that we have not covered or any insight that you would like to give your fellow gamers, you can post it in the comment box below. 

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