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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Controls PC XboX PS3

PC PS 3 Xbox Action
Image:PC Mouse Left Click.png R1 button RT button Attack
W, S, A, D Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Movement
Space X button A button Stand/Jump
C C button B button Crouch
Ctrl Prone
Image:PC Mouse Right Click.png L1 button LT button Aim Down Sights
V R3 button R button Melee Attack
1 or 2 T button Y button Switch Weapons
Shift L3 button L button Sprint/Steady Scope
G or Image:PC Mouse Middle Click.png R2 button RB button Throw Frag/Throw Back Grenade
4 L2 button LB button Throw Special Grenade
5 6 7 Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Inventory
  • In Multiplayer 5 is inventory and 6 is call in UAV/Airstrike/Helicopter
R S button X button Reload
F S hold Hold X button Use
N Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Night Vision Goggles
Tab Start button Back button Show Objectives/Scores


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