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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 06:31 PM BST

Ultimate Sniper Guide - Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty World at War

by JoshNadin

I was compelled to write this guide to assist not only myself in becoming a better player but for every other person who enjoys sniping or is interested in beginning to snipe.

Sniping, in any first person shooter, can be quite difficult to master. However, some people are naturally talented and gifted in sniping and can pull off miraculous shots during clutch situation. I in no way am implying I'm the best sniper but after years of gaming and over 6 years of straight sniping, I can confidently say that I have a lot of experience in the field. I hope that this guide can assist you in becoming the best tactical/mobile sniper possible.

Sniper CoD World at War

Everyone has natural talents, whether it be with a sniper rifle or a fully automatic submachine gun. Either way, you will progressively become a better sniper the more you practice. I cannot emphasize this enough. With practice, you will hone the sniping trait and mentally become a sniper. You will know when to set up defenses, when to reload, when to throw your grenades and know when to pull the trigger. All in time my young sniper, all in time. Let us begin!

Tactical Sniping

It seems that everyone likes the sniper. Fast, efficient, clean, strong and usually unseen but a lot of people find it difficult to become the perfect sniper. Well, it all starts with the Sniper Rifle.

As soon as class creation is available, you will see that only the Sniper rifle with an actual scope attachment available is the Springfield. Thus, the dominantly seen sniper rifle is the Springfield. However, if you make the effort to unlock the sniper scopes, you will see that each sniper rifle is unique. Some people enjoy the sound of the Arisaka while others enjoy the look of the scope on the Mosin-Nagant. Either way, you should attempt to use these rifles with a sniper scope and see which is your personal favourite. They all have exact same stats, both with and without a scope. I will only be referring to sniper rifles with a scope.

Initially, you may not be good at sniping. You'll find yourself missing a lot of shots that you see pros pulling off in rapid succession. Don't be discouraged. It comes to some people easily while others have to work for it. With proper training and continuous practice, you WILL become a better sniper. Pick a sniper rifle and let's get started!

There are four main sniper rifles available for use but I'll be referring the Springfield for simplistic reasons.

Required skills of a sniper:
Steady Aim (not the perk)
A knack for hiding
Precise map recognition
Knowing enemy spawns (generally)
Being able to move without being detected
Defence and retreating

Patience is a virtue sought out by many but mostly by snipers. You have to be willing to sit a few spots the entire game and only get 5 kills. As you become better, you will achieve more and more kills with less deaths. Waiting for that perfect opportunity, pulling the trigger and getting the kill will be an extremely satisfying feeling but will only occur if you carefully plan your shots. This leads into my next topic...steady aim.

Steady Aim
All good snipers can quickly scope and, without holding their breath, get a headshot. They’re also able to hold their crosshairs on running targets. This skill is quite tricky to master but significantly helps you in the long run. To improve this skill, I’d recommend you play Hardcore and use Camouflage. Stay concealed and just try to hold a target in an open field. This may sound weird or unorthodox but only fire a shot when the enemy has their back completely facing you. This trans you to not only physically become used to following targets but also helps you to naturally fire when an opponent isn’t looking. It takes time and definitely requires a good hiding spot.

Knack for Hiding
A good sniper is only as good as his sniping spot. Most Call of Duty snipers camp in obvious places at obvious times. To become a better and more versatile sniper, you must know every spot on every map to give you an advantage over other snipers, infantry troops and vehicles too. An easy way to improve your hiding/sniping spots is to go into a private room with a friend. Do not kill each other. Instead, stick together and scan the map for every little nook and cranny you can snipe out of: walls, sandbags, ditches, trenches, buildings, trees, rooftops, everything. Then, have your friend go into the exact same spots. Why? So you can see for yourself how open or concealed you are and your field of vision. A good sniper’s spot will conceal the majority of your body, give you a good view of the map and most importantly, provide an entrance and escape route. There’s nothing worse than being cornered with nowhere to go. Knowing every spot requires you to know the map inside and out.

Precise Map Recognition

Outthinking your opponents can be very simple: know the map inside and out. Once you’ve done this, you can easily outmaneuver and confuse your opponents, which allows you to take the offence or take defensive positions. Knowing the maps can be done by yourself in a private room, 10 minutes every day. Personally, I take 30 minutes everyday to scan 3 or 4 maps at a time. I alternate between maps every day to make it easier than solely concentrate on one map. Once you know the map, you can lead this into knowing where the enemies spawn.

Knowing Enemy Spawns
When you pull up the minimap ingame, you can see where your teammates are moving towards or away from. This would probably be where the enemies are spawning or pushing forward. You can then take this knowledge and use it to your advantage by setting yourself to spawn trap or push back the enemies. It helps you and your teammates in the process. Now you may be wondering: “Do I need to know exactly where they spawn?” Obviously not. However, if you know where they generally are, make it to your advantage and help your team out. When you’re moving yourself to a spot which can protect or enforce your teammates’ location, you need to move like the silent ninja.

Moving Without Detection
Snipers are the eyes and ears of the battlefield. Imagine yourself as a praying mantis: still and slowly moving in for the kill. If you’re in a situation where you may want to move to a better spot (no immediate threat), you can move much quicker than if you’re surrounded by enemies that are hunting for you. Should the situation arise that where you need to move to survive, you’re better off taking your time to slowly and methodically get into a safer position. To do so without being detected, you need to be unseen, unheard and obviously take your time to think out your plans. Training yourself to hide is actually a talent perfected by good snipers. Personally, I like to play Hardcore with Camouflage and sneak around the map, firing only to defend myself when needed. I then seriously play and remind myself when and where to move. Sometimes, the only way to survive possible death is to retreat and play defensively.

Defense and Retreating
More often than not, every game, a sniper will encounter a clear threat that risks their lives. Moving to another position is out of the question, which only leaves one option: retreating. It is not bad to retreat. You are playing intelligently and know when you are at a disadvantage. To reverse the tables, you need to change the scenario by retreating. Having a good escape route is a must and knowing the map and enemy spawns helps too. Once you’ve retreated to a safer spot, you need to think like your enemy: “Where am I going to go? Which path? How fast or slow should I approach? Grenades?” This is when you play defensively. Don’t do anything stupid or erratic and definitely don’t play predictably. It’s better to get behind your enemy and knife them than to try and no-scope them face-to-face. Training yourself to properly retreat can be done with a friend in a private match. Have him put suppressing fire and force you to retreat and play defensively. A hard tactic to learn than incorporates all of the other skills but ultimately, is one of the most important for survival.

When to Take the Shot
More often than not, you’ll see a lot of inexperienced snipers firing off 4-5 shots on one target. This is extremely wrong in multiple ways and can easily bring upon your death. There is a certain time, place and area to hit while attempting to snipe and enemy. Obviously, you do not want to engage the target up close. Even a mid range shot is a bit of an issue. If you miss a shot in Core TDM, the enemies will see your little “blip” on the radar and turn to fire at you. You might as well take the shot only when you are 100% certain that you will kill your opponent. Carefully choose your shots. If you see 3 or 4 enemies, try to recall which is imposing the most damage on their team and take him out first. Do not panic because there are multiple targets. Staying calm and collected is should be a sniper’s first thought. Taking deep breaths (physically) helps to calm your system. Whether you believe it or not, every time you pull that trigger, your body tenses up. Stay relaxed and don’t worry about missing. There will be other opportunities and of course, it is only a game. When going for a shot, don’t necessarily aim for the head. A running headshot at 250 meters takes weeks or months of training to pull off consistently. Although, you can easily aim for the larger mass on their body (which would be their chest and torso) and get a nice kill that way. Only go for headshots on stationary targets with no chance of seeing you. Once you’ve become a better sniper, attempt mid-long range headshots. You probably will miss quite a few initially but you’ll get used to it and soon enough, you’ll be hitting your targets 100%!

Leading Your Shots
At mid range, aiming your crosshair directly onto your opponent and firing will result in a hit. However, once you start aiming for targets that are farther away (300+m), your bullets take time to reach their location. This is because of the velocity of the rifle itself, not your mistake. To compensate for this, you need to keep your crosshair just ahead of your opponents. It’s not much but it will definitely get you’re the kill or, at the least, injure them. This, like everything else in sniping, takes lots of practice. Never give up, never get discouraged, and always try harder.

How to Position Yourself Relative to Your Enemy
I find that a lot of potentially good snipers mess up good opportunities. By incorrectly positioning yourself relative to where the enemy is and where they're rushing, you will most likely die. To help yourself live longer and get more kills, you must set yourself up in a proper position. There are 3 ways to do so:

Directly in front of the enemies
To the sides of your enemies
Behind the enemies

When you are seeing the enemies coming directly at you, you are in a bad position. You're better off retreating than attempting to push them back. Someone at mid-range with a rifle or SMG with probably put a few shots on you or kill you. How about if you're facing multiple opponents? Your best option here is to retreat with caution and speed (whenever possible) and try to use the other 2 available options.

Approaching or sniping enemies from the side would be the middle option. It is definitely not the best but is still very good and much better than facing head on The key part of sniping them from the sides is to make sure every shot counts. When sniping enemies on their sides, you have less of a target to hit, which therefore means you have to be much more accurate with each individual shot. Stationary targets are good so try to wait out your opponents. Maybe they're rushing and need to slow down; that's your window of opportunity. However, you must still be careful because a smart player will immediately retreat upon hearing or seeing a missed shot. He may also begin to use suppressive fire with intent to injure/kill. He may even call some of his teammates out to you, which gives you more to worry about. But, again, if you make your shots count, it won't be much of a problem

Finally, the best and safest option (sometimes the hardest) is to get behind the enemies and snipe them from the rear. I find that when you get into this position, you are not only helping yourself but your team too. They will slowly begin to spawn close to you and if the enemies haven't moved their position, your teammate(s) will be able to help you with that. The only thing is actually getting behind your opponents. A smart team will break off into 2 or 3 small groups throughout the map. You need to either take these guys out of get around them...sneakily without being seen or heard. I personally like to do this in Core TDM when I know they don't have a Recon plane. The best way to tactically dispose of your opponents. It'll be hard for them to fight 2 battles in both directions. You may also bottleneck them into your waiting allies.

Best Options for Close Quarter Encounters
We've all been in that sticky situation: you're running and, all of a sudden, you're face to face with an SMG wielding enemy. What do you do to save yourself? Well, to start off with, you're already at a disadvantage if you're running. You're even worse off if you have your sniper rifle out (always have your pistol/secondary weapon when moving). To make the best of the situation, your best bet is to jump and prone. Through this process, you need to pull out your pistol. If done correctly, you'll be prone, aiming at your enemy with your pistol out as you land. Quite a tricky maneuver but when done properly, can help give you that advantage. Pistol and fire any semi-automatic with the tip or your forefinger. This is how to maximize your speed in such quick situations. Firing fast is also a key development you need to learn but that comes with time

The other option is to attempt a no scope. Whichever method of no scoping you prefer, do it right away. More often than not, at point blank range, you'll get the kill (unless the enemy was prepared to fire) but at even 5-10 feet away, your shot may not hit it's intended target. Keeping your pistol out is basically your best bet. Don't get nervous and stay calm. Tell yourself that you are prepared for this type of situation and are more well-adapted to these types of situations.

General Tips
-Take your time with each and every shot and make them count
-Pull out your secondary weapon in tight situations
-Plant Bouncing Betty's whenever possible
-Never forget that each shot puts you on the enemy radar
-After every shot (and successful kill), remember to retreat behind cover for about 5 seconds or so. Then slowly make your way back out to make sure the "coast is clear"
-If you have a gut instinct that someone is around the corner, looking for you, check your minimap. If there's a green triangle, it's your teammate. If not, prepare yourself with pistol in hand.
-If you haven't noticed, you're pistol should be used just as much and just as effectively as your sniper rifle.
-Sniping is an art form and takes time to perfect. Don't expect to be able to pull off all your shots right away. Even I can't hit all my shots nowadays

And I nearly forgot...

Good Classes!

Name: Start Off Strong
Weapon: Springfield
Attachment: Sniper Scope
Secondary- Nambu/Tokarev-33/.357 Magnum (depending on your level)
Prim. Grenade: Frag
Sec, Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Special Grenades x3/Bouncing Betty (again, depending on your level)
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Name: Stepping Up
Weapon: Arisaka
Attachment: Sniper Scope
Secondary: Nambu
Prim. Grenade: Frag
Sec. Grenade: Tabun Gas
Perk 1: Bouncing Betty
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Steady Aim

Name: MN Massacre (MnM)
Weapon: Mosin-Nagant
Attachment: Sniper Scope
Secondary: Tokarev-33
Prim. Grenade: Frag
Sec. Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Bouncing Betty
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning (move around a lot)

Name: Drop The Soap
Weapon: Kar98k
Attachment: Sniper Scope
Secondary: .357 Magnum
Prim. Grenade: N74* ST
Sec. Grenade: Signal Flares
Perk 1: Bandolier
Perk 2: Double Tap (oh yeah)
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Name: Annoying Sniper
Weapon: PTRS-41
Attachment: N/A (already with sniper scope)
Secondary: .357 Magnum
Prim. Grenade: .357 Magnum
Sec. Grenade: Tabun Gas
Perk 1: M2 Flamethrower (oh yeah!)
Perk 2: Juggernaut
Perk 3: Second Chance

Name: Go Ninja Go!
Weapon: Springfield
Attachment: Sniper Scope
Secondary: .Tokarev-33
Prim. Grenade: N74* ST
Sec. Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Bomb Squad
Perk 2: Camouflage
Perk 3: Dead Silence

Well, I hope this helps you in the world of sniping. The untimate tip is paractace as with everything, it may take a while, but soon enough you will start to own.