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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 06:29 PM BST

CoD 4 mod: Alien mod 2.2

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Call of Duty Modern War Alien Mod

-Automatically rank up to 55
-Max rank is 100
-Helicopters have been changed for both teams (Apache and Mi-28)
-Alien airstrike is replaced with a UFO.

-3 Abilities are available for both teams
*Fog of War (creates a ball of fog around you to make it difficult for enemies to find you... err something.. snipe you ... whatev... - available at level 55)

*Scare This is just a scream or roar and if you are close enough to an enemy it will shellshock them/stun them - available at level 65)

*Jetpack ( The thing everbody wants, and its self explanitory... Just read the screen/lower left when you fly it to know how to control it... - Available at level 75)
-The above abilities have 45 second timers between uses (I think 45 anyway)..

-If you are on the Human team and are level 100, you are given a certain number of bombs. 2 if regular player, 3 if you can access the admin menu, etc. The bomb will drop when you deploy it, then the screen will tell you how to remote detonate it.. The bomb can also be detonated by damage.. Grenade, Gunshot, Knife..

-If you are on the Alien team and are level 100, you are given a certain number of Portals. 2 if regular player, 3 if you can access the admin menu, etc. Portals will spawn in front of you, and you will need to run through it before it closes... Lasts about 7 seconds i believe. Anybody who runs through it will be teleported to the same place, including enemies.. So watch out.

Download Aliens Mod 2.2 

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Update 2.2:
+Removed ghillie suit
+Removed spawn beams
+Added a glow effect for spectators who are in motion
+Changed the look of the Humans
+Edited the look of the Aliens
+Changed the Laser gun model
+Edited Laser sniper skin
+Edited some images
+Organized and re-wrote some scripts
+Updated victory scenes for both teams
+Finished working the bugs out of 'Protect the leader'
+Lowered M16 damage, and raised damage on Alien weapons
+Made UFO a little bigger and edited the UFO scripts
+Added admin tools for teleporting players(Influenced by NovemberDobby) -Got permission to write my own based off his
+Added admin tools for killing players/cars/heli's
+Added in a Flyable Helicopter (15 Kill Streak)
+Changed some FX
+Changed/removed some sounds
+Changed some music
+Changed background on the main menu
+Added 3 stages of darkness for Night-mode
+Added 3 settings to choose which way the helicopter will crash, (normal, crash the map, or explode in mid-air)
+Added an option to force auto-assign